Best Single Serve Blenders


Why Single Serve Blenders

Single serve blenders are also called personal blenders. They are also great as an additional kitchen appliance for preparing small servings of sauces, dressings, and dips. An advantage of having a smaller blender apart from a regular countertop is you have less to clean if you’re only making for yourself or just a few guests.

They are perfect for a glass of fresh smoothie in the morning before you head to work as they are more practical. They also sometimes come with a travel cup and lid for portability. To know more about portable blenders, you can read our guide, the Best On the Go Blenders. It would also help if you read our general Best Blenders Buying Guide to give you a better idea of the different types of blenders and what they’re best for.

Best Single Serve Blenders Comparison Table 2017

Hamilton Beach 51101BA 4$Yes
Oster BLSTPB-WBL-0004$No
Cuisinart CPB-3004$$Yes
Hamilton Beach 511084$Yes
Ninja Kitchen (BL204)4.5$$$No

How to Choose the Best Single Serve Blenders

So how you pick the right blender for you? There are many factors that make a great blender and they differ according to your needs. Most of these can be found on the general guide. When buying a single serve blender, here are some of the things you need to consider.

  • Capacity

    Single serve blenders range from as low as 14oz to 20oz capacity or sometimes, more. 14oz is just enough for one drink or dips good for two people. But of course, it’s always good to have a little more room in case you would need a bigger serving.

  • Power

    Just as with any type of blender, power is still one of the most important factors. For a single serve, a good 250 watts of power may do the job and is enough to crush ice.

    Lower than that may not be very efficient. But it should also have good quality blades. No matter the power, if the blades are poorly built, it just wouldn’t perform well. Some offer as much as 350 watts like the Cuisinart CPB-300PK SmartPower 15-Piece Compact Portable Blending/Chopping System.

  • Blades

    As mentioned, your blender needs to have high quality blades to be able to withstand cutting and blending various ingredients, especially when making smoothies. If it can crush ice, it is almost always good for everything else. Beware of some models with blades that have been reported to burn after being used on ice.

  • Portability

    You may or may not need your single serve blender to be portable. But some personal blender models are designed for portability, like the Hamilton Beach 51101BA Personal Blender with Travel Lid which features a base tract where the cord can be wrapped around so you can bring it to picnics and trips.

  • Travel Cup and Lid

    Most single serve blenders come with travel cups with travel lids. Usually, the blending jar already serves as the cup which you can just take out after blending and bring it with you.

    Which can be used with a compatible travel lid. This usually has a drinking spout so you can take it and drink your juice in the car on your way to work. Beware though, that these are rarely spill-proof but they are usually secure enough not to spill when placed in a cup holder on a moving vehicle.

  • Speed

    It would be very helpful if your personal blender offers variable speed settings. It will give you more control over the consistency of your blends. This makes the blender more versatile.

    Very few have this feature on a single serve. Most of the time, it’s either a one button operation or pulse. One button feature, like most of Hamilton Beach models are great if you want less monitoring while pulse gives you more control.

Special Types

Some blenders can work as countertop as well as personal blenders.

  • Bullet Type

    These can be considered both as personal blenders and countertop type. You place the cup upside-down on the motor base and push the cup down to power the motor. The Magic Bullet NutriBullet came out first and now other brands have come up with their own version, like the Nutri Ninja Pro.

  • Combination Blenders

    These are blenders that combine different capabilities and offer the most versatility. Some will have a bigger pitcher as the min blending jar but will allow a smaller, personal cup to be placed straight to the motor for blending so you don’t have to transfer the drink to a cup from the pitcher.


Single serve blenders or personal blenders have a lot of uses, not just for preparing drinks for yourself. It is a great extra appliance for your kitchen that you can use for making different sauces, dips, and dressings in a more practical way. Always remember that it is best to have a product that is versatile to make the most out of your money.

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