Best Sit Under Hair Dryers

Sit Under Hair Dryer

A sit under hair dryer; also known as a bonnet or hat style hair dryer is likened to the fancy devices found in salons and other hair styling parlors. If you’ve ever visited a hair salon to get a hairdo which required protein treatments or other treatments which completely immersed your hair; you would have surely experienced a sit under a hair dryer. These devices aren’t that different in their mechanism in comparison to their handheld counterparts. However, when going to purchase one, certain things need to be taken into consideration. Read on below for a detailed explanation.

Best Sit Under Hair Dryers Comparison Table 2017

NAMEMOTOR POWERWEIGHTOperating ModesSpecial Feature
Laila Ali LADR5603 Salon Ionic Dryer -7 pounds3Hydrating air flow technology, collapsible, ionizer, hood can accommodate different sizes, balanced heat distribution
Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer500 watts-3Soft bonnet, easy to carry, adjustable bonnet, ionizer
Tourmaline Tools 10591,875 watts16.4 pounds6Pre-moisture system, hydrating spa treatment, adjustable visor, lockable wheel stand
Conair Pro Style 1875 Watt Hard Hat1,875 watts7.2 pounds4Extra large hood, adjustable head piece, variable air flow, adjustable height
Conair Collapsible Hard Hat8.6 pounds2Extra large hood attachment, collapsible.

How to Choose the Best Sit Under Hair Dryer

Basically, you’ll be having a dryer over your head. So placement and an easy to setup mechanism is a must. Next up is balanced air flow with power. Include an ionizer and strong piping you’ve got the base covered. Other options such as a long cord, multiple settings, and adjustable headpieces are all features which add to the overall functionality of the device.

  • Well Balanced Air Flow

    You place your head under the headpiece and turn the blower on. The whole process this point forth is the generation of air pressure heated by a heating plate and ultimately blown onto your hair. However, unlike handheld hair dryers, here you cannot manually control which region is receiving more heat/air. Therefore ensure that the dryer has a well-distributed heat blowing system and that only the center region is not receiving all the heat. Manufacturers, to meet this requirement, plan different designs such as the one found on the Conair Pro Style 1875 Watt Hard Hat Hair Dryer. There are a number of tiny outlets in the form of spore which are spread apart evenly throughout hair region allowing for the uniform distribution of air.

  • Sturdy Joints

    A sit under hair dryer looks much like a table lamp. However, you wear the headpiece rather than point it at something so the joints and connecting support will need to be extra durable and precise such as in the Laila Ali LADR 5603.
    The problem here is that the joints in the supporting/connecting pillar do all the flexing. This same pillar is the weakest at its joints. Therefore ensure that the dryer you get has strong joints. If strong joints come at a higher price than it is up to you to carefully handle the device.

  • Adjustable Settings

    While you can distance your hair, divide it in bunches or simply point away from a hair dryer if you wish to reduce the drying intensity; the same does not apply for a sit under hair dryer. It sits and neatly covers the whole of your head in one go so having different operating modes is a good idea. This way you can set low speeds, high speeds, and low/high heat settings according to your hair, according to the type of treatment and so on.

  • Ionizer

    Since you’ll be sitting under the dryer for quite a while, an ionizer can benefit more here in comparison to handheld dryers. Ionizers ensure moisture is retained by sealing the cuticles with the natural oils in them. Hydrated hair means fewer chances of breakage and more shine as well.

  • Different Sizes Head Wearer (accommodate roller)

    Make sure the headpiece is adjustable. You don’t want an extra large headpiece which is uncomfortably spewing heat down the sides and onto your skin. You definitely do not want a hair dryer which doesn’t even fit your head! Take into account the fact that you’ll be wearing rollers, treatments, etc so getting a dryer with an adjustable head piece would work really well for you. The Laila Ali LADR5604 has a soft bonnet which can be adjusted in virtually anyway.

  • Long Cord

    A long cord doesn’t equal a short cord with an extension. Sit under hair dryers require a long cord so that their placement isn’t disturbed. You can’t adequately place the dryer if the cord limits its movement. Further a short cord used with an extension adds to the hassles of firmly securing the plug, dragging the extension along and a lot more. A cord is made to certain specifications; chances are the added extension is not. This could lead to sparking as well.

  • Good Stand for Placement

    A proper stand with rubber grips and ample weights included allowing for reasonable overall stability.


It can be seen, after going through the above points that if one can get the basic features in a device; that is more than enough. The lesson here is to not miss out on the essentials such as strong joints and build, strong airflow and well-balanced heat distribution.

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