Best Soldering Iron for Automotive Wiring: 6 Top Picks for 2018


Whether you’re installing, assembling or repairing wires in your car, you should have a soldering iron nearby. This tool has always been useful for any electronic project you can think of. Since you’re looking for good options, allow us to start the list with the best soldering iron for automotive wiring.

Our Pick: Tabiger Soldering Iron Kit

One of the best things about buying a soldering iron kit is the set of tips for various wires. Since cars use different kinds of wires, Tabiger Soldering Iron Kit is an excellent choice.

To be more specific about the contents of this kit, it comes with 16 essential items.

Aside from the soldering iron with a 1.5-meter power cable, it also has a solder wire, solder wick, desoldering pump, stand, cleaning sponge, solder paste, copper wire, insulation tape, knife, electric pen, scissors, two anti-static tweezers, and five soldering tips.

All of these are packed in a convenient, protective carry case. It even looks attractive, making it a great gift for your loved ones who are DIY pros.

More importantly, though, the soldering iron can effectively control temperature. It uses a steel-pipe design for a more efficient heat dissipation. You can easily adjust it from 200 to 450 degrees Celsius.

Runner Up: Anbes Soldering Iron Kit

Car owners are consistently reminded to keep an emergency tool kit in their vehicle. Anbes Soldering Iron Kit is a good option. It even includes a digital multimeter that’s handy for checking the DC and AC voltage.

Focusing on the soldering iron itself, it has an on/off switch which all products should have in the first place. This feature is helpful for saving energy and keeping you safe. As a plus, it has an insulating silica gel to secure the tip and protect it from high temperatures.

Speaking of high temperatures, the 60-watt soldering iron heats up really quickly. Together with the steel-pipe design, the inner-heated ceramic technology improves heat dissipation.

Also Great: Weller P2KC Soldering Iron Kit

Don’t let the simplicity of this kit fool you. Weller P2KC Soldering Iron Kit can be a lifesaver if you need to do a lot of work around your car. It is an efficient tool for installing things such as air horns, air tanks, brake controllers, and back cameras.

This product is also cordless, compact, and lightweight for portability. It doesn’t need an electrical outlet to heat up. In fact, it is technically a self-igniting butane soldering iron.

Just because this tool is portable doesn’t mean that its runtime is short. You may continuously use it for an hour because of its sufficient gas capacity. If ever you’d need it for several hours, refilling it will just take 20 seconds or less.

When it comes to convenience, this soldering iron has a push-button for easier control. It also heats up fast. It can even be more versatile because of its mini-torch function.

Also Great: Portasol 010589330 Heat Tool Kit

If you’re a pro who’s always doing maintenance work and repairing technical issues, you might like Portasol 010589330 Heat Tool Kit. You may continuously work with this tool for more than two hours.

In case of intervals, refilling with butane lighter gas will only take 10 seconds. The product even has a Gas Inspection Window for easier monitoring of the liquid’s amount.

We should highlight the case, too. Even though it is compact, it has a superior quality. It even has slots that can securely hold the tips even if you’d accidentally drop it.

Also Great: Hakko FX-901/P Cordless Soldering Iron

Let’s forget about kits for a sec to focus on a much simpler option. Hakko FX-901/P Cordless Soldering Iron is perfect for people who need a soldering iron right now more than any other tool.

This product has an integrated on/off switch for convenience and safety. It also has a cover to ensure the tip’s protection when not in use.

Speaking of convenience, this tool also comes with a long-lasting battery. As a plus, battery replacement is too easy, thanks to the separate magazine.

If ever you’d need a different kind of tip, you may change it quickly because of the tool’s ergonomic design.

This soldering iron may look fragile, but it can actually maintain temperatures at least 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Budget Pick: Vastar AC222 Soldering Iron Kit

It’s amazing that the most affordable product here is a 16-in-1 kit. Vastar AC222 Soldering Iron Kit is great for maintenance tasks like replacing your car’s stepper motor and light bulbs in the dashboard.

Additionally, the product’s steady 60-watt power is practical for working with your vehicle’s gauge wiring.

How to Select the Best Soldering Iron for Automotive Wiring

Power, safety, and convenience are the three important factors we considered before choosing the best soldering iron for automotive wiring. Learn more about these standards below:

  • Power

    What exactly gives a soldering iron the power to produce heat? Wattage.

    However, too much power from the soldering iron can burn objects. That’s why going for something that only has 15 to 60 watts is highly recommended. Professionals need the 60-watt kind, of course, while beginners should settle for a maximum of 35 watts only.

  • Safety

    It’s a no-brainer that soldering metals is a dangerous task. So, you need to prioritize temperature control. When you have complete power to control the heat, there’s a lower risk of burning.

    When it comes to the exact temperature you may use, a maximum of 850 degrees Fahrenheit is okay. Just make sure that you know how to use a soldering iron.

  • Convenience

    Cordless soldering irons are definitely more convenient. However, we still prefer corded ones.

    A lot of cordless soldering irons use butane gas as the power source. That alone raises safety concerns.

    Meanwhile, battery-operated soldering irons are safer options than butane-dependent variations. However, they’re generally less powerful.

    Those are the reasons for our preference to corded soldering irons. As long as the tool is compact and lightweight, it won’t be too much of a hassle. You just have to find a way to place the electrical outlet closer to your workspace.

    Besides, corded soldering irons are usually packaged in a toolbox with other essential items. That’s already a big plus when we talk about convenience.


Considering power, safety, and convenience, we ultimately decided to consider Tabiger Soldering Iron Kit as the best soldering iron for automotive wiring. It comes in an exciting 16-in-1 set, which is satisfying to purchase.

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