Best Spy Pen


Why use an ordinary writing pen when you can write notes and at the same time, record important events secretly with a spy pen? A spy pen camera allows you to take solid evidence when someone is doing something bad to you or other people that you care about. But of course, you can just use it for fun. Or you may just love technology a lot to want to try it.

Whether you are out on detective mission or you just want to give it as a novelty gift, not all spy pens are created equal. Different models offer different features and each provides unique recording experiences.

Whatever is your purpose, this guide will help you choose the right one.

Our Pick: PANNOVO Camera Pen, 1080P HD Portable Mini Camera Video & Photo Recorder

Topping our list is the PANNOVO Camera Pen, 1080P HD Portable Mini Camera Video & Photo Recorder. Parents can find a good use for this spy pen as they can use it as a nanny cam or security camera. Perhaps, in conjunction with a baby monitor. It features high definition photo and video resolution at 1920 x 1080P. The pen supports micro SD card with up to 32GB storage so you can keep a lot of footages on file.

It is powered by 200mAh built-in lithium battery. You can record a continuous video for up to 60 minutes with one charge. The camera performs optimally under low light and features minimal pixelation. It puts a time and date stamp on recordings so you can keep track of when each video was recorded. The set includes the USB cable for charging and 10 refills.

Runner Up: SharpCam Spy Pen with Hidden Camera

Next on our list is the SharpCam Spy Pen with Hidden Camera. It’s a simple and multifunctional recording device that is designed into a working ballpoint pen. The pen camera allows you to capture FHD videos as well as take photos with a simple press of a button. It has a 1080P resolution. The set includes a 32GB memory card as well as a card reader, ink refills, replacement pen nib, 2 USB cables and a reset pin. It has everything you need to start your undercover mission. The best part is that all items are covered by a one-year warranty.

To view and edit your footages, simply plug the spy pen into a USB port on your laptop or desktop. No need to install any software.

Also Great: Megendara Mini Camera Pen, HD 1080P

Another really stealthy hidden camera pen is the Megendara Mini Camera Pen, HD 1080P. This spy pen can be used for real-time monitoring or as a nanny cam if you need one. You can keep an eye on your little ones and pets. It features HD videos and photos with a 1920 x 1080P resolution for videos and 2560 x 1440 or 3.6MP for photos. You can save your files to an SD card. The pen can support up to 32GB of storage space.

Budget Pick: Bysameyee Meeting Video Recorder Camera Pen

A great affordable and good quality option is the Bysameyee Meeting Video Recorder Camera Pen. This spy pen works just like a normal pen and is incredibly covert and secret. The video recording works perfectly for meetings and can record at 720 x 480P for HD videos. It features a 1280 x 1024 JPG resolution for photos. You can just plug the pen into your pocket and start to play.

The great thing about this budget spy pen is that it automatically saves the videos you have taken every 50 minutes. So you don’t have to fear losing important footages because you forgot to save. It features only one button at the top of the pen to operate the hidden camera. You can easily export the files to your computer.

How to Choose the Best Spy Pen?

Whatever your reasons are for wanting a spy pen camera, you need to consider certain technical details about the pen. Just like a normal camera, you would want it to take good resolution videos and photos. Here are some considerations.

  • Resolution

    The higher the resolution of your spy pen, the better the quality of the videos you can record. A video is no good if it’s blurry and distorted. If you want to use that for legal purposes, it wouldn’t stand in court. So check the resolution. A 720 or 1080P is sufficient. You should also check the FPS or frames per second which is important for shooting a smooth video.

  • Storage Size

    You also need ample storage space to save your footages. A 16GB storage space will allow you to save up to 320 minutes of videos and about 48,000 photos.

  • File Export

    It’s also important that you can easily export your files to your computer. Check if the spy pen can be plugged into a USB port or if you need a card reader to transfer files. A plug and play mechanism is definitely more convenient and you don’t risk losing the SD card.

  • Charging

    Check how you are going to charge the battery of the spy pen. A USB charging capability is a great feature but you also need to check how long the battery lasts for every single charge.

  • Ink Refills

    It would be awkward if you’re carrying two separate pens in your pocket and if people have any idea what you’re up to, you could give them clues why you aren’t using your other pen. So, it’s a great precaution to actually use your spy pen as a normal pen. You should be able to write legibly with it and there must be ink refills available so you can keep using it when one cartridge runs out.

Just remember to take caution when using your spy pen because there are occasions when taking videos without permission are against the law. In any case, it’s a good device that offers protection for you under various circumstances. It’s also a great toy that can be used just for fun and a great gift idea, too.

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