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If you are working in an office then it is very important to work in a relaxed environment, because the quality of the work is sometimes affected due to uncomfortable surroundings. The purpose of the standing desk chair is to give the employees a relaxed sitting during their work. A chair in front of a standing desk will enable you to adjust the seat of the chair according to your height. In this way, you will get an ease during your work for longer period of times.

Best Standing Desks Chair Comparison Table 2017

nameRatingPriceHeight adjustmentFeaturesColors
Boss Multi-Function Leatherplus Drafting Stool4$$Pneumatic gas lift seat adjustmentNylon base for smooth movement and sitting, seat tilt locks.Available in black color
Boss B16245-BK Caressoft Medical/Drafting Stool4$Gas lift seat adjustability feature up to 6 inchesAdjustable back, chrome finishing, dual wheel castersAvailable in black and beige color
Safco Products Metro Extended-Height Chair4.5$$Seat adjustabilitySeat tilt locks, tension control and availability of extra castersAvailable in black and grey color
Chrome Finish Economical Chair4.5$$Seat adjustability up to 26 to 36 inchesDual wheel casters, foot rest and chrome base, thick padded seatAvailable in black color
Flash Furniture LF-215-BLK-GG Vibrant Black and Chrome Drafting Stool4$10 inches height adjustmentPolymer construction, tractor stool Available in 12 unique and beautiful colors

Things to Consider

Here are the few things that must be taken into consideration while buying a standing desk chair:

  • Adjustable Height

    The standing desk chair with adjustable heights is the best option to buy. If you work on a typical wooden chair or any other standing chair then it will not allow you to revolve. You will also face the difficulty in adjusting your arms. So it is best to get a standing desk chair with an adjustable seat. It will save you from inconvenience. You can adjust your seat according to your table and your arms will also get the relaxation there.

  • Maximum Height

    If you are planning to buy a chair for standing desk then one important thing to note is its height. Choose that chair which provides the maximum height. In this way, it will take a second for you to change your posture from sit to stand and stand to sit. Similarly, the chairs with much height also maintain the back in an upright position. Check those brands of the standing desk chair that are giving the feature of maximum heights and select them according to your own height.

  • Broad Seat

    If the seat of the standing desk chair will be broad then it will be easier and comfortable for you to sit and work. You will feel relaxed after even after several hours of the work.

  • Seat must be Padded

    The seat of the standing desk chair should be padded. Mostly the chairs that are available in the market are padded with polyester with leather covering. This type of seat gives you more relaxation while sitting on it. So it is necessary if you are buying a standing desk chair, then it should be padded, so that you can get the maximum comfort level.

  • Seat must be Comfortable

    If you are visiting the market to buy a standing desk chair, then you should buy that product by sitting on it. After that, you will come to know its comfort level. Always choose a standing desk chair or stool that is feasible to use. Because in offices you spend several hours so it is necessary to buy a product that is contented. If a chair is more comfortable then it will give you more relaxation during work. Your body and muscles will also feel better.

  • Must have a Foot Rest

    We know that standing all the day can make our muscles and body restless and fatigue. So it is very important to relax our body especially the feet. A standing desk chair must have a footrest to give the relaxation to the feet and legs. It will be better if a standing desk chair has a round footrest because it will allow you to place your feet on every side of the chair.

  • Adjustable Arms

    The chairs with adjustable arms are more reliable. You can put your arms on the handle of these chairs and they will give you an ease of work. The arms of these chairs are adjustable so you can adjust them according to your comfort level.

  • Should be Revolving

    The revolving standing desk chairs are easier and comfortable to use, as it allows you to move in all the directions. So if you want to work in a relaxed environment then it is better to use a standing desk chair that is revolving.


Standing desk chair has alleviated the problem of fatigue and stress of the legs and body. These chairs are most commonly used in offices and homes, where we spend a lot of our time. It’s a new innovation to give you a complete relaxation at these places. But the idyllic thing is to buy these standing desk chairs wisely to feel better and comfortable.

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