Best Standing Desks for iMac


Standing desks are becoming popular as it provides the health benefits by allowing the person to sit less and stand more. Sitting too much is injurious to health as it involves the less or no calorie burn. For that purpose these standing desks are used. Both in home and offices, these standing desks are used to place the laptops, desktops, iMac and the other important files.

In this way, you can perform your routine tasks by standing in front of your desk. The standing desks for iMac are another important innovation to accommodate the office accessories and the iMac for feasible work.

Best Standing Desks for iMac Comparison Table 2017

Rain Design, Inc. iGo Desk for iMac4$$$Can accommodate single monitorAdjustable keyboard tray, additional accessories include wrist rest and mouse pad and halo lamps showcase38 pounds
Ergotron WorkFit-S Single HD Workstation4.5$$$$Dual/single monitorHeight adjustment, allows more calories burn, allows simultaneous repositioning19 pounds
VARIDESK Pro Plus4.5$$Dual monitorsAdjustable heights and keyboards, gives sitting and standing postures while working52.5 pounds
Ergo Desktop Kangaroo Pro Junior4$$$Single monitorEasy to mount, work surface is adjustable18 pounds
Healthpostures 6400 TASKMATE EZ4$Single monitorEasy to use, inexpensive and robust25 pounds

Things to Consider

It is very important to note following features and the qualities before buying a standing desk for iMac:

  • Adjustable Height

    Most of the best standing desks that are available in the market have a feature to adjust the height of the desk according to the height of the user. That feature allows a person to work contentedly at work place. It is very important to note the height of the standing desk, so that you can avoid the risks of backache.

  • Stability

    If you are planning to buy a standing desk, then remember that it should be durable. These things are mostly expensive so they need to be used for longer period of times.

  • Price

    The price of the standing table or desk should be reasonable. It should not be that much expensive. A best standing desk possesses the entire important feature with reasonable price. So try to buy a desk that has all these qualities.

  • Features

    Before buying, have a look at the specifications of the standing desk. You should have a proper knowledge of all the important features of the standing desk. In this way it will make you to better understand the properties of a standing desk and you will get a good product.

  • Additional Accessories

    Some of the standing desks that are available in the market also provide additional accessories along with the standing desk. Like the wrist rest, relaxing foot pad and shoes. You can choose a standing desk with all these accessories according to your requirement.

  • Sitting Stool

    Standing all the day is also wrong and it can fade you up. So it is important to sit for a smaller duration to relax your body, back and the legs. For that purpose, choose a standing desk that has a sitting chair or stool too. In this way it will let you to relax your body in free time.

  • Separate Keyboard Tray

    Try to buy a standing desk that has a separate key board tray. Most of the standing desks can accommodate one to two monitors or iMacs at a time. Some lack the keyboard tray and the user faces the inconvenience while using it. So there should be a separate tray for key board in order to save your space for other things.

  • Warranty

    The warranty of the standing desk is also very important to note. The longer warranties of a product make it more reliable. So it is better to purchase a standing desk that has longer warranty.

  • Aluminum Coated

    Aluminum coating makes the standing desk shinny and reliable. Most of the standing desk that are available in the market is laminated with aluminum and in this way it makes the standing desk reliable by preventing it from external damages.

  • Storage Drawers

    A standing desk must have extra storage space to put the files and other additional accessories especially if it is being used in offices. In this way, it will not create a mess. You can place your iMac on the desk, keyboard on its tray and the other additional accessories and the files in the drawers.

  • Portable Desk

    If you are using the standing desk for home especially for the children, then remember to buy a standing desk that is portable. That will allow you to transfer the desk from one room to another whenever you will change the room for kids.


Standing desks are considered the integral part of the offices. It is also used widely in our homes. The standing desk varies in sizes, shapes, models and these can be categorized according to their features. The best standing desk possess great features, accessories and the height. You can choose them according to your budget and mode of utility.

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