Best Standing Desks for the Money


Nowadays, the most common complain people have is that are bored of their routine life. It’s just you go, sit and work nine hours a day. It’s like making you weak and killing you. Actually, it’s not the job but the sit-on-desk work stopping your mind and weakening your physical body. It leads to an old age well before time and diseases like heart, depression and even cancer. The main reason is your metabolism is stopped and blood circulation is slowed down, causing more fat to remain as unburned.

In this economic world, you need to work for yourself, your family and your future. In comes the standing desk which allows you to stand and deliver. This change in this age although came from the offices of Silicon Valley, great names like Winston Churchill, Ernest Hemingway, Vladimir Nabokov used to do writing work while standing. As the awareness is increasing, so are the options of buying a standing desk. The market comprises from custom made highly priced desks to standardized moderate priced desks.

Best Standing Desks for the Money Comparison Table 2017

Laptop Computer Desk/ Podium Cart (Black)4.5$$Height ranges from 35” to 44”. Comes with shelves to store, casters for mobility. The surface is PVC laminated. TECHNI MOBILI
Mobile laptop computer cart4$$The finish is made from graphite, comes with caster wheels to move it around height ranges from 27” to 35”. The panel tilts clockwise as well as counter-clockwise. The safety edges ensure nothing falls down.TECHNI MOBILI
Portable Compact Laptop Notebook Stand4$Comes with adjustable legs, cup holder and PDA holder. When moving around, these accessories can easily be stored beneath the table. Tabletote
Stand Steady Desk - (American Maple)4.5$$$Comes with a very large tabletop of 24” x 20”. Also, you get three square feet of space below table as well. So you have a portable workspace. Height ranges from 11.25 inches to 15.25 inches. You can assemble it within five minutes, simply put it above your existing desk and you have the standing workspace ready. It’s available in cherry, maple, and black color and has water resistant finish over it. The legs – made of aluminum – have snap buttons to customize height as per your need. The feet have non-skidding and soft rubber to fix the table’s place.Stand Steady
Ninja Standing Desk4.5$$$Made of 80% cotton with two to three shelves enabling sit and stand facility simultaneously. It can easily be folded and moved around. It can hang on cubicle, door or wall. With all three shelves, the weighing capacity can be 80 lbs while its own weight is only 5 lbs. You can adjust the desk to any height and tilt to any angle as it’s meant to be hung. It’s very ideal for those who has limited space as well as a limited budget. If you’re new to standing work experience, this is ideal for you. It comes with two shelves (additional shelf need to be bought), carrying case, door and wall mounting hardware, and support straps.Ninja Standing Desk

Things to Consider

So there’s always some desk superior than others. We have to look for attributes in a desk which suits our workplace as well as our pocket.

  • Pocket Allows to Try

    A standing desk offered at a price you won’t mind is always a very better option for someone who wants to give it a try. The most popular among them is Ninja Standing Desk. It is available at highly affordable rate and the good thing is that it is made of high quality material.

  • Mobile Workspace Possibility

    People whose work involves a lot of travelling are also giving these desks a go. The reason being is that they are light weight and can easily be folded to fit a laptop case for you to carry around. The Tabletote Portable Compact Lightweight Telescoping Laptop Notebook Stand is a very compatible product in this regard.

  • All Purpose Served

    The desk is an alternative to your sitting desk so it must have room to keep your cup of coffee, notepad, stationary items etc. For instance, Stand Steady Desk – Adjustable Height (American Maple) gives you a 33 sq. ft. space to keep things. This is yet another additional feature of standing desks.

  • Tall as your Head

    You need to stand straight tall so you don’t have pain in your back. The table should be adjustable to a height you prefer. The Techni Mobili Mobile laptop computer cart is a very good option if different height people use the same laptop in the home.


The features mentioned are the most basic ones for a standing desk to meet purpose and also to come in your budget. The options provided in the table are narrowed down on the above attributes. One can prefer a desk from these depending on what one feature is most important for him / her.

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