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Why I need a standing desk mat? This is the most common question asked by a number of people. This article will answer this one simple question. Moreover, we have standing desk mat buying guideline for people who are looking forward to buying of standing desk mat. You will also find here a comparison chart of five best standing desk mat available in the market to help you people select the right type of mat for your desk. Let’s start with the question, why you need a standing desk mat?

Best Standing Desks Mat Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceWeight Features Best For
Durable Transparent Computer Desk Mat4.5$100 Grams• Transparent
• Light in weight
• Durable
• High quality
• Easy to clean
• Standing desk
• Sit to stand Desk
• Laptop Desk
Cleartex Ultimate Polycarbonate Rectangular Chair Mat4$$2.8 Kilograms• Ergonomic design
• Unique color
• Durable
• Made from polycarbonate
• Use in homes
• Use in offices
• Used for sit to stand desk
• Used for standing desk
Durable Desk Mat Contoured Edge4.5$0.463 Kilogram• Resilient towards moisture
• Anti-slip backing
• Smooth surface
• Unique color
• Home and Office use
• Use for standing desk
Ecotex Desk Mat Recycled PET Smooth Backing5$136 Grams• Heavy duty pockets for placing different things
• Shining color
• Durable
• High quality
• Best for home and office use
• Best for standing desk etc.
5 Star Desk Mat Writing Surface4$381 Grams• Non-slip back
• Black color
• Light in weight
• Affordable
• Best for home as well as office use
• Best for standing desk as well as sit to stand desk

Why I Need a Standing Desks Mat

You need a standing desk mat for a number of purpose such as the use of standing desk mat saves your desktop from imprints of dropped ink and pointers which you use for writing purpose. Moreover, it provides a cushioning surface for placing laptops, mobile etc. It also helps in cleaning process as you do not have to clean the whole desk; merely cleaning of mat gives a neater look to your desk.

Thus, there is a number of advantages of using desk mat. My humble request to you is, if you have spent a lot of money on buying a standing desk then do not hesitate to spend few dollars on buying its mat. As your standing desk deserves to have a quality mat which can protect its surface from any physical damage. Next is the turn of the buying guide.

Standing Desks Mat Buying Guide

There are certain things that if kept in mind help you in buying the right product. If we particularly talk about buying of desk mat then, in this case, these important things are as follows:

  • Material of Desk Mat

    The material of the desk mat is an important thing to consider. Materials which are commonly used for making mats are leather, vinyl and linoleum. Leather mats are considered the best quality mat which not only enhances the beauty of the desk when placed on it but also provides a non-slippery surface to the desk.

    These mats are quite expensive. The next material used for mats manufacturing is vinyl, it is a synthetic material that is firm and smooth. It is resistant to stains and water as well. The next material used for mats is linoleum. Linoleum mats are considered good quality mats. Linoleum mats are different from leather and vinyl mats as it has modern look as compare to leather and vinyl mats. Now it’s up to you which material mat you prefer.

  • Shape of Desk Mat

    Desk mats are available in various shapes such as rectangular shape, cornered shape or square etc. Which mat shape is suitable for you depends upon the size and shape of your standing desk. If you want small size mat then cornered mat is good for you. In case of large standing desk mat, you should go with a rectangularly shaped mat like Cleartex Ultimate Polycarbonate Rectangular Chair Mat and Ecotex Desk Mat Recycled PET Smooth Backing.

  • Transparent or Colored

    The next thing to consider while buying standing desk mat is the color of the mat. Desk mats are available in various colors such as dark blue, black, brown etc. In addition, such standing desk mats are also available in markets which are transparent like Durable Transparent Computer Desk Mat . If you want to enhance the beauty of your standing desk then prefer colored desk mats on transparent mats. Moreover, as compare to transparent mats, colored mats like 5 Star Desk Mat Writing Surface and Durable Desk Mat Contoured Edge does not demand regular cleaning. While in transparent desk mats dust can be seen deposited on the mat surface that’s why it become mandatory to clean it on daily basis.

  • Online Shopping

    Now days’ online shopping has become very common. Customers prefer to shop online as it saves their time and energy. So, if you are planning to buy standing desk mat online then prior to display order read out details of the product. In addition, read customers feedback in order to get the idea about pros and cons of that particular product, and then move forward. Moreover, in case of defaulted product contact the manufacturers as soon as possible for product replacement.


Above mentioned are the few things which if kept in mind will help you select the right type of desk mat for your standing desk.

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