Best Standing Desks Buying Guide & Reviews

    Best Standing Desks Buying Guide & Reviews


    Standing desks are very common at the work places. These desks are being introduced because of the health problems that are occurring because of sitting all the day for longer periods of time. Sitting all the day can lead a person towards severe health damages like obesity and the heart diseases. So it is very important to avoid this habit to get the better health. For that purpose, these standing desks have been introduced.

    The standing desk has overcome the drawbacks of the sitting chairs. Here you stand in front of a desk for the whole day and in this way it allows more movements. So it gives better health effects by allowing the more movements at work place. The main health related problems like obesity, back ache and the heart diseases can be prevented by using this. However you can also relaxed your body by using the long chair of the standing desk. Because standing all the day is also wrong so you can use this chair to relax your legs and body.

    Best Standing Desks Buying Guide & Reviews Comparison Table 2017

    NameRatingPriceDurabilityDesk featuresHealth benefitsFeatures
    40" Black Shelves Mobile Ergonomic Stand Up Desk5$$Long lasting nature because of its protective coatingDesk is wide to perform various task and can also be adjusted according to heightInnovative design allows the better health benefits and burn the caloriesMovable wheels to transfer the desk and locking brakes
    LIFT Standing Desk Conversion Kit5$$Long lasting and durableDesk can be adjusted according to heightStanding postures allows the health benefitsAccommodate 2 monitors and other accessories at a time
    Mega Stand Steady Standing Desk / Stand up Desk5$$$Water resistant properties make it long lastingDesk is large enough to perform various tasksAdjust your desk according to height to get the comfortEasy assembly, different sizes and aluminum legs for height adjustment
    Workez Standing Desk Adjustable Sit Stand Desk3.5$$Aluminum manufacturing makes it durableCombines two separate desks to give the larger space for monitors, keyboards and filesStanding postures give more health benefits to reduce backacheWorks on both left and right sides, adjustable and movable
    Traveler Folding Stand up Desk4$Construction material is comparatively cheap than others but it is reliableCan be folded and suitable for travellingImproves overall health by reducing backache and burning the caloriesLightweight, portable and affordable
    The Executive Stand Steady Standing Desk4.5$$$Durability of the desk is fineGives enough space to place two monitors and also a space below the desk for additional thingsImproves health by giving the standing posturesAvailable in various sizes and it is also adjustable
    Standing Desk Adjustable Sit Stand Desk4$$Light and strongSpace for the laptops and desktopsHealth benefits include reduction in calories and obesityKeyboard tray and adjustable height
    Techni Mobili Mobile Laptop MDF Cart with Storage4.5$MDF construction with laminated PVC surfaceIdeal for laptops and desktopsReduce the backache by up righting the bodyStorage space, dual wheels for movements
    VARIDESK Pro Plus4.5$$$Ergonomic design with long lasting featuresSpace for dual monitors, separate keyboard traysHelps to reduce the weight by using the calorie counterSide handles to adjust the desk for sitting and standing positions
    iCraze Adjustable Vented Laptop Table4$Aluminum manufacturingDesigned to give various positions and anglesReduce the health risks like cardiovascular diseasesSilent built in fans to cool up the computers

    Standing desk – An Overview

    Our desk bound life style has made us sluggish and we are facing multiple health disorders because of that life style. Our bodies are not made to stay inactive all the day. We need continuous movements to make our body systems more efficient.

    For that purpose we need incessant movements and the relaxation too, to get the better health. The standing desks at the work places are becoming popular because of that reason. They allow a person to stand and perform various movements. These standing desks are awesome to get the health benefits and to avoid the back pain by up righting your back and body.

    Features of standing desk

    The best standing desks that are available in the market possess many features that are very useful and provide a complete comfort level at work place. Following are the main features of the standing desk:

    • A best standing desk is durable and it is long lasting. You only need to purchase a perfect brand.
    • The standing desks that are available in the market vary in their sizes and storage space. The best standing desk contain the larger space to accommodate multiple files, monitors or the laptops at a time.
    • The standing desks should have storage space to place the extra accessories, files and keyboards.
    • It also has a key board tray other than the main desk to place the key board.
    • The height of the standing desks is adjustable. It allows the user to choose the best position to comfort his body.
    • Some standing desk contains the anti-fatigue mats that allow the user to relax their body by comforting their legs and regulation their blood flow.
    • A best standing desk also possesses a sitting stool too. It helps you to relax your legs after spending several hours in standing position.
    • If you are using the standing desk at home then do not forget to take a desk with a stool. That will help you place your legs on this stool and it will provide you more comfort in front of your laptop or computer.
    • Other than these features a standing desk that is of best quality contain the monitor arms, multiple drawers, hinges to change the position, portable body and calories counter as well.

    Things to Consider While Buying standing desk

    If you want to buy a standing desk for your office or even for home then here are certain features that you must be taken into account to get the best standing desk for you:

    • Reliability

      The standing desk should be reliable especially if you are going to use it at work place. The best standing desk is the one which gives you comfort and ease at work place. It should be trustworthy so that you can work with a peace of mind.

    • Durability

      If you are planning to buy a standing desk then it is better to check the durability of the standing desk. The standing desk should make up of a material that is tough and robust. In this way it will make your standing desk long lasting. The most of the reputable standing desks that are available in the market give the life time warranty of the desk that is the best aspect of the standing desk.

    • Reasonable price

      Before buying this standing desk it is important to check the prices and your budget accordingly. That will enable you to make the right decision to buy a standing desk. A best standing desk will give you all the important accessories and the features within affordable limits.

    • Reading the reviews

      If you want to buy a standing desk then it is very important to read the reviews of the people. Internet is full of such sites that are providing the standing desks and here the people share their experiences. So if you are interested in buying a standing desk it is important to read the reviews first. That will assist you to buy a good standing desk with reasonable price.

    • Consult with family and friends

      Your family and friends are also the best option to buy a good standing desk for your home and office. So you can consult with them to buy a suitable standing desk.

    • Should have a relaxing chair too

      Some standing desks are purely the standing desks and they do not possess a sitting chair. But that is not a good thing about the product. You cannot stand all the day long. So it is better to buy a standing desk that has a sitting chair too. In this way it will make your body and legs to relax at the work place.

    • Make the right decision

      Some standing desks are manual and some are electrical. So it depends upon you to make the right decision to choose the standing desk. The manual standing desk is made up of hinges while on the other hand the electrical will require a single button to open up various drawers and shelves, so if you want to buy a  standing desk then firstly decide what you actually want? You can choose your standing desk according to your needs and affordability.

    • Storage

      Before buying a standing desk, remember that it should have a storage space as well to place the extra accessories and the files at your work place or home.

    • Adjustable height

      Remember that the standing desks with the adjustable heights are perfect to use because it will allow you more comfort during work. You can adjust your table according to your height and it will protect your body from odd postures.

    • Contains the full set of accessories

      Do the proper research on the internet to buy a perfect standing desk. It is better to buy a standing desk with all the important accessories so that you can get the real comfort at the work place.


    Standing desks are the best option for our homes and offices to get the better health benefits. These are becoming popular day by day because of increasing health problems. The only thing that needs to be focused is the utility of the standing desk in a proper way and with all important accessories. That will make you feel more comfort and will give you more ease at work place and home while using your computers and the doing the job.

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