Best Steam Mops for Carpets


One of the biggest challenges in the house is to maintain a clean and fresh carpet. The spills, dust and other stains of food are more eye-catching on the carpet as compared with other surfaces. However, cleaning them continuously make they look dull. The most tiresome to clean are mud footmarks printed by your kids.

Fortunately, all these problems have one resolution i.e. steam mop. The steam mops especially designed for carpets or with additional extensions for carpets are more efficient than the conventional vacuum cleaner. You could even employ them on fibre carpet and car carpets.

Best Steam Mops for Carpets Comparison Table 2017

Bissell 1132A4.5$$$$Vacuum and steam simultaneously
Comes with 4 mop pads.
Controls are digital and touch.
Handle is adjustable till 5 ways
Comes in color grey
Dimensions: 11x46.5 inches.
10.1 lbs
Hoover Carpet FH501504.5$$$Lightweight
It has 2 tank system, one for dirty water and the other for clean water.
The brush swivels 360 degrees for efficient cleaning
Comes with a bottle of carpet cleaner.
Comes with tools for upholstery, crevice, stairs and spin-scrub power hand. Also includes 8 foot hose, 16 ounces cleaning solution bottle and storage bag for mesh.
Less than 19 lbs
BISSELL CARPET 47A234.5$$$$Comes with a large tank with more capacity.
Gives better cleaning with heat-wave technology – supplying constant heat.
The cleaning is much as of ten rows with power-brushes who rotate in dual direction.
The hose & tool helps cleaning hard to reach corners and upholstery.
The surround suction part dries the carpet faster.
All these new tools maintain the freshness in carpet and help it look clean.
30.1 lbs
Monster EZ1-XL4$$Comes with a 1000 watt boiler – highly pressurized.
The flow of steam starts and stops automatically with the help of sensors.
It has two stream jets, one for cleaning normal areas and the other for hard to clean areas.
The water tank can hold water up to 17 oz.
The steam created is already very dry so the carpet dries off quickly.
Comes with a plate 25% larger, two XL pads, and carpet sledge.
Dimensions are 48x15x7.25 inches.
9 lbs
SF-142 Steam Mop4$The pad is foot operated and made up from micro fiber.
No chemicals required for cleaning.
Comes with carpet glider for carpets with low piles.
It can only be operated at 120 volts.
6 lbs

Things to Consider

Easy to operate, effective cleaning, chemical-free are the basic requirements to look for in a steam mop. The additional requirements to check, when buying a steam mop, for carpet are the extensions like carpet glider or the designing of mop and brush in accordance with the common pile height of carpets.

  • Hassle Free Operations

    Making the cleaning easy is one of the main reasons you go for steam mop. It has products which light when the steam is ready, has an ergonomic handle, and a safety cap on the tank like Monster EZ1-XL Pro Floor Steamer. Bissell 1132A All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop has vacuum and steam function and its easy controls enable you to use them either together or separately to achieve optimum cleaning.

    After cleaning the mop pad store all the dust and stains and you have a clean and soft carpet on your feet. Also, there is Hoover Carpet Washer, FH50150 which in addition to drying quickly also is very lightweight so you can easily move it around.

  • Carpet Extensions

    This is the difference between a general steam mop and a carpet cleaning capable steam mop. The Hoover Carpet Washer, FH50150 has a technology of power scrub which blast the steam, spin-scrub to perform cleaning at different angles for optimum result, separate water tank to store the dirt and scrap in it, and heat-wave technology that emits heat to maintain a temperature of the water during cleaning as well.

    Another good example is of BISSELL CARPET CLEANER, 47A23 which guarantees cleaning of ten rows through dual dirt-lifter power-brushes. It also cleans stairs and furniture covers. It recommends a deep cleaning formula for optimum cleaning and future protection through scotch-guard protection.

  • Better Quality Cleaning

    Different companies use different methods to give good cleaning results. Like Bissell 1132A All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop comes with two micro-ban mops, one for scrubbing and the other one soft, giving antimicrobial protection to fight better against bacteria.

    The Monster EZ1-XL Pro Floor Steamer uses a boiler system high pressurized to give a better steam plus its base plate is also large as compared with other steam mops. Its dual distribution system of steam not only helps cleaning the flat surface area of carpet but also the hard to reach areas, stairs and upholstery. It also supports rugs whose piles are high through carpet sledge.


Based on the above attributes, we have extract five best steam mops for carpet use. We have shared their features along with them for knowing the differential edge of each product. With its help, you can make a better decision in buying it.

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