Best Steam Mops for Hardwood Floors


If you ever think about steam mop, you must be expecting that it is much better than typical squeeze mops as it doesn’t have any squeegee to squeeze and obviously because of the fact that there is no need to incorporate a pail of water while using it.

Also, you must be having the opinion that it is highly efficient in removing dried food spills and in addition to all this; it provides you the facility of sanitizing various surfaces and floor. Although, the reality is not exactly the same but of course, you can employ the steam mop for cleaning your hardwood floor and get it cleaned up to reasonable extent.

Best Steam Mops for Hardwood Floors Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceWater FilterMicrofiber PadsFeatures
BISSELL 1940A 4.5$$NoYes, two microfiber pads are providedTerrific Steam Control highly suitable for various types of cleaning
Water tank that can be removed.
BISSELL 59384.5$YesYesIncorporates two types of pads to provide convenient cleaning
Protected with Microban to guard against growth of bacteria
Hoover FH40160PC4$$No-Counter-rotating scrub brushes that provides gentle cleaning and use all angles to scrub the floor
Dries quickly due to the incorporation of 11.5 inch nozzle which makes use of squeegee and suction to speed up the drying process
Hoover FH501504.5$$$NoNoExtremely lightweight, having total weight of 19lbs
Very easy and convenient to use
Incorporation of spinscrub technology to provide much enhanced cleaning with less effort
Shark RBM2004$NoNoHighly efficient in getting rid of sticky and greasy messes
Provides non-streak shine
Non-toxic in nature
Provides terrific cleaning

Important Factors to Consider

Following are the main things to consider while navigating a steam mop for your hardwood floor.

  • Size and Weight

    Size and weight of steam mop are very important factors to consider while purchasing it. You need to choose the one that is highly convenient for you in terms of size and weight. Always purchase the mop which is very easy to store and use.

    Also, make sure that related tasks such as removal of water tank to be filled at the sink etc. can easily be performed. Various people can have different opinions regarding the preferred size and weight of steam mop but you need to go for the one that is best suited to your need and which you consider as most convenient and better. BISSELL Steam Mop is one of the bestselling steam mop for hardwood floor.

  • Related Accessories

    Make sure to thoroughly examine the attachments or accessories that are being offered with the particular steam mop. Few steam mops comes with carpet glider which enables you to use the mop on the carpeting to freshen the matted fibers.

    Other important associated accessories may include brushes that are used to scrub grout and squeegee used to clean mirrors and windows. Furthermore, few steam mops have a tray or landing pad, which is used to rest the unit during or after using it so that any dripping water can be caught. Such a tray will be a bonus as far as the overall efficiency of the particular steam mop is concerned. You may consider buying BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop with Fragrance discs

  • Check the Available Settings

    A steam mop having adjustable steam levels enables you to tailor the steam output according to the particular flooring type you are going to clean and the quantity of dirt you want to get off. Such a setting will surely help you in making a more efficient use of your steam mop.

    Modern steam mops are now incorporating the facility to sweep up debris before and even during the steaming thus completely eliminating the need employ a broom prior to steaming. This features saves a lot of time. Hoover FloorMate Deluxe can be one of the best choices as far as the buying of steam mops for hardwood floor is concerned.


Above mentioned are the various things that you must consider before buying a steam mop for your hardwood floor. Addressing these issues will obviously help you a lot in making a better decision regarding the purchase of steam mop. Always check the size and weight of the steam mop and choose the one with appropriate dimensions to fulfill your needs efficiently and to get maximum convenience while using.

Have a look at the at the various accessories that are being offered with steam mop and ensure that the one you are going to have is being offered with all the accessories required to serve your purpose well. Also, don’t forget to inspect the settings incorporated by a particular steam mop. You may also consult your friends or relatives in this regard to get benefit from their experience with various steam mops. Several steam mops are available in the market and you have to choose one from countless options. Check Hoover Carpet Washer.

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