Best Steam Mops For Laminate Floors


Steam mops can be considered as a revolution in the world of floor washing. Instead of incorporating a wet swiffer-style mop, you can achieve much better cleaning in almost the same amount of time by making use of steam power. Although, these steam mops are much more expensive than the typical non-electric mops and that’s the reason they are used less as compared to traditional mops.

However, the popularity and demand of these steam mops is increasing with the passage of time and people have started recognizing the fact that steam mops provides much more convenience and better cleanliness as compared to the typical non-electric mops and this better performance and enhanced efficiency is convincing people to invest in steam mops.

Best Steam Mops For Laminate Floors Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceWater FilterMicrofiber PadsFeatures
BISSELL 1940A 4.5$$$NoYes, two pads are availableSteam control for better cleaning and enhanced performance
Removable water tank
BISSELL 1940A 4.5$$$-YesIncludes two different variants of pads to provide better cleaning
Hoover FH40160PC4$$$Yes-Dual tanks to keep clean and dirty water separate
Twenty feet long power cord
Hoover FH501504.5$$$$NoNoEasy to carry because of light weight
Highly convenient to operate
Shark Cleanser RBM2004$NoNoPerforms well against various types of stains
Non-toxic nature

Important Factors to Consider

Following is the list of key factors that must be considered while purchasing a laminate mop.

  • Capacity of Water Tank

    Always prefer to have a steam mop with large water tank because it will allow you to carry on cleaning for longer time without any refill. Good steam mops can steam for forty five minutes continuously, without any need to pump the handle by user thus generating steam without much labor or effort. BISSELL Powerfresh Mop is one of the highly preferred steam mop for various types of floors.

  • Quality of Design

    Design of the steam mop is extremely important consideration while looking for the suitable one for you. Avoid the mops which have built-in reservoirs for water that require a cup and funnel to get filled because such a steam mop is awkward to work with and it takes a lot of unnecessary time to get filled. Best thing is to have a steam mop which has a removable water tank which can be very easily filled by using a typical water tap.

  • Steam Control

    High quality steam mop incorporates a dial or trigger to adjust the quantity of steam that is being released. Obviously, the stains are of variable nature requiring different amount of steam to get properly cleaned. There are several steam mops available in the market employing efficient changeable steam settings to make the mop work efficiently for stains of various size and nature.

    Always get the steam mop model that provides the best steam setting for the type of floor you want to clean with it and which can handle the amount of soil you want to get removed. You can try BISSELL PowerFresh Steam Mop to enhance your cleaning experience.

  • Handling

    You should go for the steam mop that incorporates good balance, swivel head and is lighter in weight so that it becomes very easy to maneuver. Good handling capability is especially useful while cleaning difficult places such as vertical surfaces and the areas under the table.

  • Length of Power Cord

    Power cables associated with steam mops vary in size. Normally, these cords have length between 16 and 30 feet but cords of several other lengths are often seen as well. Try to have the steam mop that has at least twenty five feet long power cord so that you can steam larger portions without unplugging again and again. Check Hoover FloorMate Floor Cleaner

  • ¬†Power Switch

    It is often more convenient to have a steam mop with a power button available on the unit because it enables you to power on the mop immediately when you are ready to work. In the absence of such a switch, you have to plug in the machine to turn it on causing a bit of inconvenience in few situations.


Above mentioned are the various factors that are required to be considered when purchasing steam mops for laminate floors. As a general rule, go for the mop which has larger water tank and incorporating good design which makes the device highly maneuverable to facilitate cleaning of difficult areas.

Prefer the one which has steam control options available so that you can adjust the amount of generated steam as per your requirement based on the nature of surface you are working on and the kind of stain you are trying to remove. Try to purchase the one which has power cable of suitable length to avoid unplugging the device again and again while cleaning larger areas. It is also a bit more convenient to have an appliance that contains power switch on the unit to turn the machine on or off more easily. Hoover Power Scrub is one of the bestselling steam mop.

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