Best Steam Mops for Stone Floors


If you have stone floor and you have kids and pets, then definitely you will not like the view of it. It is not the work of conventional vacuum cleaner to clean the floors like this. The traditional way is the use of sponge, bucket and a lot of cleaning agents. The smart way is to buy a steam mop which cleans well without any sound at all.

Best Steam Mops for Stone Floors Comparison Table 2017

BDH1720SM Steam Mop4$Uses steam so no chemicals required.
The Smart-Select technology allows you to set the floor type and let it do the steaming appropriately.
The product comes with 2 pads which are washable and made up of microfiber, resting mat, 23 feet long cord.
The Capacity of tank is 15.6 ounces. It operates on 1500 watts.
Also, you will get money back guarantee of 30 days and warranty of 2 years.
Black & Decker5.2 lbs
BDH1850SM Steam Mop4$$$Its unique feature is that it releases a steam burst which generates steam as much as 50% more. It is usually for old sturdy stains.
Also, it has a hand-held cleaner which can be easily removed from mop.
Only use steams so independent of any chemical usage.
Comes with 4 feet hose, fill cup, squeegee, detail brush, grout brush, carpet glider, resting mat, two pads which are washable and made from microfiber, and 25 feet long cord.
It also has 30 days money back guarantee and a warranty of 2 years.
The capacity of tank is 10.1 ounces and it operates at 1500 watts.
Black & Decker6.4 lbs.
BDH1760SM Steam Mop4$$It has a special ‘lift and reach’ head to access hard reached areas and corners.
You can see if the water has reached the temperature as the light turns from red to blue.
The product comes with 25 feet long cord, resting mat, special ‘lift and reach’ head pads (2 of them), 2 microfiber pads which can be washed.
The capacity of tank is 15.6 ounces and it also operates at 1500 watts.
Comes with 2 Year Warranty Exclusive and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
Black & Decker5.5 lbs
Floor Steamer, 313A3.5$Power required is 6.5 amperes. The height of handle can be adjusted. Dimension is 7x12.5x49 inches. It has 1 year limited warranty.Eureka5.5 lbs
Steam Mop 31N14$Dimensions are 6x11x45.2 inches.
It comes with carpet glider and hanging hook.

Things to Consider

A stone floor is a very good surface to employ steam mop. It is flat and cool. You just need a good steam mop with the attributes shared in this article. We also have 5 of our best choices for you.

  • Convenient

    Nowadays, there are steam mops with built-in settings for all types of floors. They have the right proportion of steam for tiles, wood floors and stone floors. Also, these days the water tank is large enough to clean the whole house with it. With the help of sensor and lights, you can know when you should start mopping around. Plus, the rotating steering allows you to reach the most hardest of areas with a breeze. BDH1720SM Steam Mop is on top of the list with all these features included.

  • Say No to “Chemicals”

    As the name itself suggest, it cleans with steam. You do not need any chemical cleaning agents to harm your skin and deteriorate your floor. Why use these chemicals when the steam can get rid of 99.9% of the bacteria and germs. All the steaming mops recommended are free from the use of chemicals.

  • Multifunction

    A very new and innovative advancement in steaming mop has been the introduction of hand-held steamer installed within it. Firstly, you clean all your floors with the steaming mop. Afterwards, you take out the hand-held steamer and clean your appliances, kitchen backsides and even bathrooms with it.

    These areas cannot be cleaned with steaming mops as they are cleaned with cleaning tool parallel to your body. BDH1850SM Steam Mop comes with this 2 in 1 feature.

    Also, it would be an advantage if the steam mop can be used on multiple floors like tile, stone, marble, laminate, granite, and wood. The Hard-Surface Floor Steamer, 313A has this capability and it efficiently disinfects the ground to shining excellence.

  • Perfect Cleaning

    This mop has become an ideal choice for consumers who have babies and/or kids. They are attractive to dust and bacteria and they take these with them everywhere in the house. Using cleaning agents is a bitter option as it is harmful.

    They also leave residue behind. The steam generated also dries up very quickly so no waiting for the floor to get dried up. BDH1760SM Steam Mop and Steam Mop Hard Floor Cleaner, 31N1 are very good choices as you can clean all the areas perfectly with their multiple functions.


Buy a steaming mop is not the ultimate conclusion. You need to check which one suits best. Check the products and you will get the one which is made for you.

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