Best Steam Mops for Tile


Most house-owners vacuum their carpets on a day to day basis but it cannot be applied on hard surfaces especially tiles. This is where steam mops are required. They can remove the sticky residue and debris from hard floors with any chemical cleaning agents. They use steams which are generated by a machine built inside it.

Best Steam Mops for Tile Comparison Table 2017

BISSELL Powerfresh Steam Mop4.5$Comes with a fragrance disc in the mop which gives a fresh smell while cleaning.
Water tank can easily be uninstalled.
Comes in white color
Has an easy scrubber to shine your floors faster
It has a digital controller for steam with low, medium and high settings.
The product has a warranty of 2 years.
8.4 lbs
Haan FS204$$Requires tap water for cleaning in its tank. The water is heated within 3 minutes time. The mop then can be used for 20 minutes of cleaning.
Comes with 2 absorbent cleaning pads made from microfiber. They can be washed and reused.
Dimensions are 50.5x11.5x7.5 inches.
The product has one year warranty.
Designed to make your cleaning stress-free.
The lights present indicate when you need to fill the tank.
3.15 lbs
Pyle PSTM504$$Works on all floors.
Uses tap water and steams it with its 1500 watt heating part.
The cleaning pads are removable and cleanable.
10.2 lbs
Hoover FH40160PC4$$Has a unique spin-scrub brush which keeps on rotating to make cleaning faster.
Comes with two tanks to keep dirty and clean water on separate tanks.
15 lbs
Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop4$$$Comes in purple color.
Have 2 steam control settings.
The clean is two sided with the help of steam pockets.
No chemical is needed.
The length of power cord is 25 ft.
The size of mop is 12x5.9x51.2 inches.
10.4 lbs

Things to Consider

A steam mop is designed to provide luxury while cleaning the surfaces. It should not make the cleaner tired and at the same time should do an efficient cleaning. The points to classify a steam mop good for tiles especially are discussed in this article. Based on that, we have come up with 5 best steam mops to choose from.

  • Efficient Cleaning

    In order for the cleaning to be ideal, the steam intensity needs to be high and controllable by the user. An additional tool like scrubber would assist in removing the dust and stains more accurately. The BISSELL Powerfresh Steam Mop comes with the function of a variable steam controller and an Easy Scrubber which enables cleaning more efficient and that too in 50% less time. One more thing required is that the mop should not be heavy to lift and should be able to clean the stairs as well just like Hoover FloorMate Floor Cleaner, FH40160PC.

  • Environmental Friendly

    A steam mop also saves you cleaning cost as it does not need any cleaning agents and disinfectants. It is also an environmentally friendly option. Further, if the surface is cleaned with disinfectant then it could be harmful to your kids and pets. This option gives you a relief in this regard as well. The steamed water results in 99.9% killing of bacteria and germs. For example, in Haan FS20 Steam Cleaning Floor Mop and in Pyle PSTM50 Steam Floor Mop you only need to use the tap water, insert it in the tank, switch it on and after few minutes, start mopping.

  • Cleaning Made Easy

    The additional value which a steam mop provides over a conventional mop is the luxury. You just have to pour the water into the tank, pull the trigger and let the hot vapours from the mop do the rest. This is for all the surfaces in your house, even for your carpets. No sponges, brooms and buckets are needed now. The Pyle PSTM50 Steam Floor Mop comes as a sweeper and cleaner and gives a complete cleaning solution to you.

  • Movable

    In order to clean the whole house, you need to move the mop around. It would naturally tire you if its structure is hard to fit certain areas or it is heavy height. Also, the cord should be long enough so you do not have to plug in and plug out every now and then. The Pyle PSTM50 Steam Floor Mop has the answer. It’s 16 ft. long cord and lightweight structure make it easy to reach all places of house hassle free.

  • Multipurpose

    It is very common that your tiles in one room, wood-floor in one room and carpet in one room. You cannot have a different cleaner for every different surface. The cleaner needs to clean all these surfaces. It should have different extensions for it to install when needed just like Pyle PSTM50 Steam Floor Mop.


So if you want to buy a steam mop for your tiles, you need to look which is easy to move and easy to run. It should give the perfect cleaning result without any cleaning agents.

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