Best Steam Mops Under $100


The steam mop is surely a revolution as far the washing of floors and carpets is concerned. This device provides much better cleaning than the ordinary mop with less effort and much ease. Steam mops are expensive as compared to non-electric mops but they are regularly gaining more and more customer acceptance and popularity. It’s all due to the better performance and easy cleaning these appliances provide that people are ready to pay more to get this tool.

Best Steam Mops Under $100 Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPiceWater FilterMicrofiber PadsFeatures
BISSELL Mop4.5$$$NoYesIncluded steam control for adjusting cleaning preferences
Easily removable water tank that can conveniently filled in the sink
BISSELL Steam Mop Pads4.5$$-YesQuick-grip release tab provided for smoother and easier pad removal
Includes four discs
Hoover Hard Floor Cleaner4$$$Yes_Dual tanks provided for dirty and clean water
Long power cord
Water tank with 1.5 quart capacity to reduce the number of trips for refill purpose
Efficient brushes to provide much better cleaning
Hoover Power Scrub Washer4.5$$$$NoNoLighter in weight
Easy to carry and transport
User friendly and convenient operation
Shark Cleanser4$NoNoHighly effective in cleaning several kinds of stains
Non-toxic in nature

Important Factors to Consider

Incorporation of steam mops for cleaning purpose is a terrific way to reduce your cleaning time and workload. There is a large variety of steam mops available in the market and it is a bit difficult to find the one that is highly suited to accomplish your needs and requirements. However, considering the following factors at the time of buying steam mop will surely help you a lot in making a much better decision regarding the purchase of this appliance. Hoover Power Scrub Washer is one of the top-selling steam mops that you must consider.

  • Size of Water Tank

    Make sure to have a steam mop with water tank bigger enough to clean the area you want it to clean otherwise you have to keep running back and forward to the tap to fill the water tank of the mop. You need to make sure that the one you are going to have contains a hard water filter which is helpful in reducing scaling. Such a filter will also help in increasing the life of the steam mop. I’ll suggest you consider the BISSELL Mop for enjoying tremendous cleaning.

  • Dual Functionality

    There are steam mops available in the market which incorporates dual functionality. Their main function is to clean the floor by generating the steam of clean but hot water. Their secondary function is sweeping or scrubbing. Because of too many models and types of such a unit are available, you need to make sure that the one you are going to get possesses all the features that are required to serve your purpose. Hoover Hard Floor Cleaner is one of the best steam mops that are currently available.

  • Handling

    Steam mops are different from traditional mops in a sense that you are not required to swing or wring the heavy mop thus preventing your back from straining. Typically, this device needs very little effort to do the cleaning task. But if you employ a heavier and larger unit, then it will obviously be difficult to handle and move across various places.

    You must go for the steam mop that is very easy to handle. Thoroughly check the unit before actually buying it and have a look at its features and accessories and also check its handling to make sure that it is very easy for you to handle and lift the mop while cleaning the carpet or floor.

    There are several steam mops available which employs swivel heads which make them easily manoeuvrable and convenient to handle. Hoover Hard Floor Cleaner is getting very popular nowadays and you must seriously consider this best selling steam mop.


There are various factors that must be considered before purchasing a steam mop. There is a huge variety of such appliances available in the market but you need to get that is very well suited to meet your requirements. Make sure that the one you are going to buy has a water tank larger enough to clean the area you want to clean. Having a sufficient sized water tank is a handy feature and will surely save you from a lot of inconveniences.

Always go for the one that has all the features and functionalities that are required to meet your requirements. Handling is also a very important factor in this regard and it must be seriously addressed. You must purchase the steam mop that is very easy to handle and manoeuvre because such a mop will make your cleaning activity much more convenient and it will save your back form unnecessary extra load. BISSELL Mop is a highly efficient steam mop that is available at a very cheap price but provides terrific performance when employed to clean various areas of your house.

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