The Best Steam Mops With Washable Pads


When it comes to removing bacteria and germs at home, one of the most reliable methods you can use is steaming. This is why you should totally consider getting your own steam mops. The water in the mop tank generates the steam and this helps in cleaning the dust and other adhesives of the floor and furniture.

Now, as for the best steam mops with washable pads you can get, below are our top picks:

Best Steam Mops with Washable Pads Comparison Table 2018

NameRatingPriceFeaturesTank capacityWeight
Shark (S3101)4$99.9% sanitization, Washable micro-fiber pads, Contented design, Safe cleaning230mL6.4 pounds
Shark Professional (S3601D) 4$$$ Offer 99.9% Sanitization, has 2 Sided Cleaning, also has Shark Steam Pockets, has larger tank capacity compared to other mops500mL7.5 pounds
Hoover TwinTank WH202004$$Two-tank system, 99.9% Sanitization, indicator light, Removable Tanks470mL5.5 pounds
Bissell 1132A 4.5$$$$Sanitize with steam, Touch Digital Controls, Dry Tank Technology, removable hand vacuum400mL10.1 pounds
Shark Steam (S3501)4$$99.9% Sanitization, 2 Sided Cleaning, spin steering450mL6.5 pounds

How to Choose the Best Steam Mops with Washable Pads

Honestly, there are so many things you need to consider when looking for the right steam mop for your home. However, since we don’t want to overwhelm you, we’re sharing with you the most important factors to think about when making a purchase:

  • Cloth Pads

    The steam mop has pads of cloth that cleans up the dust and dirt particles by using the steam. These pads are easily washable in machine. You can dry them and use it for the next time. The cloth pads of the steam mops absorb the steam and the quality of the cleanliness depends upon the moisture they absorb.

  • Cord

    There is a long cord of steam mop that makes the cleaning mechanism easy. You can also adjust the height and use this steam mop to clean the corners of the furniture and for the dusting of other household items.

  • Water Tank

    A water tank is used to fill the water to generate the steam. This water tank takes few minutes to convert the water into steam but that depends upon the quality of the machine.

  • Jet

    The steam mop comprises a jet that is used to inject the seam for cleaning purposes.

  • Handheld Tool

    The handheld feature of the steam mop helps in performing various functions like you can use this steam mop after removing its handle to clean the small items of the house.

  • Light Indicator

    A light indicator is there to tell that the machine is ready for functioning or not. This light indicator is power on when the steam gets ready for work.

  • Storage

    If you have a storage problem in the house, then always buy a small size steam mop that will occupy the less space in your house.

  • Mobility

    The steam cleaner should be able to easily move because you clean up the floor by transferring the machine from one room to another. So its mobility should be relaxed.

  • Easy to Assemble

    Some of the steam mops require assemblage. Some brands offer this feature, but whenever you go to buy such brands make sure that their assembly is easy. Otherwise, it will require a professional to assemble the steam mop. Bissell 1132A Symphony All-in-One Vacuum and Steam MopĀ are easy to assemble and it has a removable hand vacuum.

  • Portability

    Make sure before buying that the steam mop is simply portable. That will make your work easier.

  • Style of Steam Mop

    There are two styles of steam mops. One is one-sided and another one is the two-sided steam mop. The two-sided steam mops are usually convenient to use as the side of the pad can be changed when one side got dirty. So the style of the mop also matters a lot. Make sure to check the style while buying it. Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop is two-sided.

  • Scrubbing Function

    Some of the steam mops also offer the scrubbing function. This allows you to scratch the hard dust particles and cleans it in a proper way.

  • Weight and Handling

    The best steam mop is easy to handle and it should be light in weight. It can be transferred from one side of the house to another. When it comes to weight then Hoover TwinTank Steam Mop is a good option as it is relatively light weighted.

  • Performance

    The performance of the steam mop is also very important to check. Some of the steam mops eject the steam when required and some eject the steam continuously. You can check their efficiency according to their type and choose them according to their performance. For instance, Shark Steam Pocket Mop offers spin steering.

  • Washable Pads

    The pads of the steam mop should be washable. Otherwise, it will cost more to replace the pads each time. Shark Light & EasyTM Steam Mop is a good option in this regard as it has washable pads and it offers safe cleaning. Also, it is better to choose the two-sided steam mops for convenient cleaning.


Steam mops are widely used for cleaning purposes. There is a variety of steam mops in the market with various features. You can choose the steam mop according to your requirements, budget, and ease of use. These steam mops are user and environment-friendly as they do not involve the use of any chemicals.

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