Best Strapless Heart Rate Monitor


Whether you are a health buff or you just need to closely monitor your heart rate, a strapless heart monitor can be your best friend. Since there’s no need for straps anymore, you can easily check on your heart before, during and after an intense activity.

Remember, however, that strapless heart rate monitors aren’t created equal. Some of them are filled with features you don’t really want while some lack features you actually need. Most of them can get pretty expensive, too.

If you are wondering which devices you should get, here are the best strapless heart rate monitor you’ll surely enjoy using- without burning holes in your wallet.

Our Pick: Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

If you are totally motivated to lose weight or get fit, Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor is the best strapless heart monitor for you. It can show you your real-time heart rate as you complete your activity. You can think of it as your personal trainer who’ll tell you if you need to push yourself more or you need to take things slower.

Apart from your heart rate, this device can also show you how much calories you’ve burned. This can help you gauge the intensity of your workout and let you know if you are still in your target zone.

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor can also keep a log of your activities. It can take note of your average heart rate and burned calories for over the last 99 workouts you did. It has a backlight and works on replaceable batteries. It’s even great for swimming.

Runner Up: Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor Sports Watch

Mio Alpha Heart Rate Monitor Sports Watch is a performance sports watch. Similar to the first device, this one can also display your precise heart rate. You can use it when you are running, cycling or doing any other intense workout. The special thing about this strapless heart rate monitor is that you can actually connect it with Bluetooth 4.0 devices.

The device runs on batteries and can last for 20 hours of heart rate monitoring. If you use it solely for watch mode, it can last for several months. The device comes with a durable silicone band to ensure that it fits snugly on your wrist. It can fit wrists that are 5.7 inches to 7.8 inches. This heart rate monitor has an LED indicator and audible alerts. It can notify you if you are overtraining or your pace isn’t right.

Also Great: Letscom Fitness Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor

If you are looking for something that’s sleek and isn’t bulky, go with Letscom Fitness Tracker Watch with Heart Rate Monitor. It can check your heart rate manually or automatically so you’ll get a clearer idea of how well your overall health is. Apart from your heart rate, it can keep track of your daily activities, like your steps, sleep status, active minutes and calories burned.

What makes this device interesting is that you can actually sync SMS and call notifications to it. You can also use it to keep track of what goes on in your Twitter, Facebook and other social media accounts through SNS notifications.

It has a USB built-in plug and each charging time can offer 5 to 7 days of working time. Another thing that will make you fall in love with this heart rate monitor is its replaceable bands so you can easily match it to your mood or personality. These bands, however, are sold separately.

This heart rate monitor has an OLED display, too. Surprisingly, you can use it to locate your phone as well.

Budget Pick: Bowflex EZ Pro Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

For the best strapless heart rate monitor that won’t break your budget, you should consider Bowflex EZ Pro Strapless Heart Rate Monitor. For its price, you can’t expect it to do anything else but monitor your heart rate and show you the time.

Take note, however, that this one is best to use before or after exercising. You have to press the mode button and hold the studs until you get a reading. If you release your fingers, the screen will revert back to being a watch. If you are in the middle of exercising and you want to check your heart rate, that won’t be the most convenient way to get a reading.

Despite this, the device still makes a great investment, particularly if you aren’t interested in spending too much cash on a heart rate monitor. It’s a good tool for checking and getting a baseline and end data so you can assess your progress.

How Does A Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Work?

Basically, a strapless heart rate monitor works the same way as monitors with straps. The only difference is in the way they detect and measure heart rate.

Typically, heart rate monitors detect the electrical activity of the heart through sensors carefully placed on their back plates. Some of these devices have detectors and sensors placed in their buttons or the metal plates on their front part.

Do You Need One?

As for benefits, these monitors are actually more convenient to have, particularly if you live a very active lifestyle. Straps can be restrictive at times and can get in the way of your activities. Running, walking, swimming and other intense activities can be a bit tricky to perform if you have straps

In addition to that, strapless heart rate monitors also allow you to check your heart rate at random times throughout the day. Some of them can even be used to continuously monitor the heart.

If you haven’t invested in one, make sure you do. Heart rate monitors aren’t only accessories to make your gym or running outfit look cooler. Like sports watch, blood pressure monitors, and wrist blood pressure monitor, they can help ensure your safety by keeping you within the parameters of a safe workout. They can tell you if you can increase your workout’s intensity or if you need to slow down.

In case you find your heart rate abnormal, make sure to check with your doctor. Don’t take any medicine without getting the approval of your physician. And if you are already taking medicines, check with your doctor so you can be prescribed with another drug.