Best Swim Goggles: The Top Products You Need to Get


Whether you take professional and recreational swimming trips, swim goggles are helpful not just in protecting your eyes but also letting you see underwater.

Currently, there are many variations of swimming goggles to choose from. Considering the specs, price and durability is helpful in determining the best one for your needs.

Our Pick: iSwim Pro Swim Goggles

After testing and reviewing 15+ popular swim goggles in the market, our team picked iSwim Pro Swim Goggles as the best choice for both price and quality. The lenses have UV protection and fog-free vision. Its cushioned gasket creates a perfect seal around the goggles to ensure no water will trickle in. The frame is comfortably adjustable because of its buckle strap. The goggles are available in four colors – black, white, blue and pink.

Runner Up: Aegend Swim Goggle

Aegend Swim Goggle is a compact choice for seasonal swimmers. The ergonomic frame is made from flexible and lightweight silicone. Its polycarbonate lenses are shatter-proof, anti-fog and UV-protected.  The straps have a buckle for comfortable adjustment. The goggles come with a handy and durable case.

Also Great

Speedo Vanquisher Swim Goggles are sleek and low-profile. Its minimalist design allowed for 25% more peripheral vision and comfortable fit. The lenses are mirrored, anti-UV and anti-fog. The goggles come with three adjustable nose pieces to ensure optimal fit in different face shapes.

Swim Elite Swimming Goggles have 180-degree vision field. The lenses are mirrored to reduce blur and glare. The coating in the lens is anti-fog, shatter-proof and anti-UV. The frame and nose bridge are soft silicone for optimum comfort. The goggles come with three interchangeable nose pieces and a durable case.

Zoma Swimming Goggles are stylish wide-angle goggles. The lenses are anti-fog and crystal clear. The gaskets around the frame are durable and soft since they are soft silicone. Adjusting the goggles’ fit is easy with its three interchangeable nose pieces and adjustable strap. The goggles come with a clear case and a pair of ear plugs for swimming.

Budget Pick

If you want to spend less, consider GDEALER Swimming Goggles. It’s not as expensive as the higher end swim goggles but its quality is comparable. The lenses are anti-fog, anti-shatter and anti-UV. The gasket and head strap are silicone material for water leak protection. The strap is also complete with plastic buckle on the back for easy removal.

How to Choose Best Swim Goggles

Whether you are an aspiring or a seasoned swimmer, getting swim goggles will be the first thing in your mind before going to swimming. Not everyone will find a certain goggle perfect as we all have different face shapes. However, finding the perfect swim goggle for you is possible by considering certain factors.

Here are some important considerations in buying swim goggles:

  • Lenses

    According to swimming Coach Hannah Caldas, you must first determine where you will do most of your swimming trips. Is it indoors or outdoors?

    If you are an outdoor swimmer, it is best to get swim goggles with anti-glare and UV-protected lenses. Anti-glare lenses are also called “mirrored” lenses. These lenses have polarized polycarbonate. They prevent glares by reflecting light from surroundings. UV protection is also important to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays.

    If you are an indoor swimmer, anti-glare and anti-UV goggles are not priority factors to consider.  Put more importance for clarity and anti-fog features. The lenses’ vision should be crystal clear as there may be limited lighting in indoor swimming pools. Anti-fog lenses also aid in vision clarity while swimming.

    Wide-angle lenses is another important factor for swim goggles. People who swim for sports and competitions need 180 degree lenses for peripheral vision. Not all swimming goggles have wide-angle lenses so it is critical to check for this spec if you are planning to engage in professional swimming.

  • Fit

    There are three factors you should check in a swimming goggle to ensure comfortable fit – gasket, strap and nose piece.

    The goggles’ gasket is the key in preventing water from trickling towards the eyes. It should be soft but effective in making a vacuum seal around the eyes. It should be made from soft silicone to prevent “raccoon eyes”. Normal silicone rubber will make the gasket rigid and it will produce tight vacuum seal around the head.

    Head strap is the key in securing the goggles around your head. Most goggles have double straps. By keeping the two straps apart at the back of your head, the goggles will be secured in place. Some goggles also have additional strap buckles to make strap adjustment and removal pain-free.

    Adjustable nose piece is another important factor in securing the goggles’ fit for different face shapes. There are swim goggles that come with removable and adjustable nose pieces. Consider getting goggles with adjustable nose piece if you had problems on fitting eyeglass frames before.

  • Size

    Most swim goggles are unisex. However, there are variations of swim goggles made for men and women.  Swim goggle companies made them to accommodate the contrast of face shapes between two genders. Swim goggles for men are generally larger than for women variants.

    Standard swimming goggles are good for adults and kids aging above 11 years old. For younger kids, there are smaller sizes of swim goggles made especially for children. Swimming goggles for kids have smaller frames and straps. They are available in different bright colors.

  • Accessories

    The important accessories you should look in buying swimming goggles are the interchangeable nose pieces and case. Different sets of nose pieces are helpful in securing a good fit around your nose bridge. Having a sturdy and durable case for the goggles is also helpful in prolonging your goggles’ service life.

    Some swim goggles provide extra head straps. This is economical as rubber head straps can easily wear out with frequent usage.