Best Tablet for Kids


In this day and age, children can learn a lot from electronics and finding an appropriate tablet for kids can make a big impact on your child’s development. Contrary to what other parents may think, there are actually good things that kids can learn from electronics. Of course, anything excessive can be harmful so it’s important to regulate their use of it as well. Here are some tips on when to limit it and how.

If you’re looking for a tablet for yourself though, you may find this guide on the best android tablet useful.

There have been quite a few releases of kids’ tablets in the market. Each of them offers different features that could help them learn. Some have preinstalled applications and you could also download others through the store. Choosing a tablet for kids would depend on their age. The size of the tablet also matters. We’ve made a list of the best tablets appropriate for kids that you can choose from.

Our Pick: Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet

Number one on our list is the Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet. This is a full-featured Fire tablet with a 7-inch display. It comes with unlimited free access to up to 10,000 kid friendly books, movies, TV shows, educational apps as well as games. The parental controls allow you to manage your child’s usage limits. You can also control their access to content and set educational goals for them.

It has 16GB of internal storage. The front and rear cameras allow them to take and store pictures. You can input a microSD card with up to 200GB storage capacity. The tablet comes with a kid-proof case.

Runner Up: Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Kids

Second on our list is the Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Kids. It has content that is aligned with STEM (Science and Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Kids’ content comes from Dreamworks, Sesame Street, National Geographic and other trusted sources. You can use parental controls to monitor apps, set time limits and focus activities for them. It’s a 7-inch touchscreen with Android KitKat OS.

This tablet comes with a starter pack of popular kids apps and a three-month trial subscription to Samsung Kids. It includes a bumper case for extra protection.

Also Great

The LeapFrog LeapPad3 Kids’ Learning Tablet is a great alternative. Your child will have access to over 1,000 educational games, eBooks, videos and other educational apps. Its strong parent tools allow you to control your child’s access. You can also receive learning tips and progress updates to see how his skills are developing. This is a high-performance Wi-Fi tablet with a quad-core processor.

This tablet has a 5-inch shatter-safe capacitive touchscreen. It’s highly responsive to a child’s soft touch. This is suitable for children from 3 to 9 years of age.

Another great option is the LeapFrog Epic 7” Kids Tablet. This is a unique kids’ tablet that’s designed to grow with your child. It includes a Just for Me Learning technology that allows you to personalize the games to challenge your child as he grows. It also has over 20 android apps for kids. This will allow kids to create a virtual world and encourage learning and creative play.

It has a durable design along with a shatter-safe LCD screen and protective bumper in case he drops or bumps the tablet, which is unavoidable for kids. It has a 16GB memory and 2MP camera.

You should also look at the LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum Kids Learning Tablet. It features safe and protected web browsers that serve your child with kid-appropriate videos and other applications. These have been reviewed and approved by experts. You can manage what, when, and how long your child plays along with other parental control tools. He will have access to exciting and interactive gameplay.

The tablet features a 7-inch high-resolution multi-touch screen with sharp and crisp graphics. This is suitable for children from 3 to 9 years old.

Budget Pick

An affordable but great quality alternative is the NPOLE Kids Tablet. It has more than 60 preinstalled educational apps and games. You can select all of the content that your child can see. You can also limit their screen time. It has 8GB of internal storage, Wi-Fi, as well as front and rear cameras. The 7-inch multi-touch screen has a high resolution of 1280 x 800 to protect your kid’s eyes while playing.

It comes with a kid-proof durable case that is lightweight but will protect the tablet from drops and bumps.

How to Choose the Best Tablet for Kids

Aside from age and screen size, other considerations must also be kept in mind when choosing the right tablet for your child. The personality of your child is of huge importance and the kind of activities you think you can trust him with.

  • Internet Access

    Not all kids’ tablets have internet access. If you think that your child is mature enough to browse the web, there are tablets for kids that would allow internet access but would give you control on the websites that they are able to browse. If you don’t want them browsing the net at all, then choose one with no Wi-Fi capabilities.

  • Preinstalled Apps

    Some tablets already come with preinstalled applications. This is great for younger kids since most of these apps are very interactive and could greatly help their development. But it’s better to pick a tablet for kids that will also give you the option to buy or download more apps if you prefer.

  • Screen Size

    Younger kids may not appreciate bigger screens so consider getting a tablet with smaller screen sizes for them.

  • Parental Controls

    Aside from managing their internet browsing, you should also be able to control other apps that they’re able to download. It would also be nice if you’re able to set educational goals for your child.

  • Extra Storage

    If your child is growing, he will have a need for bigger sized apps. It’s important that there’s an option to expand the storage or a microSD card slot. Otherwise, you will be forced to delete other applications on the tablet.

  • Case

    Kids are prone to dropping and bumping things so make sure that the tablet has a protective case.

Other features that may not be so important on a tablet for kids but could still be nice to have include front and rear cameras, as well as additional regular games.