Best Tanning Lotion for Men: 4 Products for that Natural-Looking Tan


Sunkissed skin isn’t just for women. With the right products and the right techniques, men can easily achieve that perfect tan look as well. And as a way to help you with that, we’re sharing with you the very best tanning lotion for men you can get your hands on today. Each product on this list guarantees really natural looking results that won’t disappoint you.

Check out our top picks below:

Our Pick: Devoted Creations CAMO KING Black Bronzing Lotion

One look at Devoted Creations CAMO KING Black Bronzing Lotion and you’ll surely be captivated by it. Its bottle has a sleek design and it offers a generous 12.25 oz of product. That quantity should last you for quite some time.

In addition to that, you’ll love the product’s formula. It’s formulated not just to give you that perfect golden color but it can also help fight the dark spots in your skin. It has these rich and powerful antioxidants which are a great help in slowing down signs of skin aging. And if you worry about your tattoos fading, this tanning lotion can actually preserve the colors of the ink.

Another nice thing about this product is that it has an effective deodorizing system. It releases an intoxicating fragrance that’s guaranteed to make you unforgettable. It’ll keep you smelling fresh all day long.

Runner Up: New G Gentlemen Advanced Black Bronzer Lotion

New G Gentlemen Advanced Black Bronzer Lotion is a bit on the expensive end. However, with its formula and ingredients, you won’t have a hard time justifying its purchase.

For one, it has moisturizing coconut water, natural bronzers, and DHA. These ingredients are effective in locking moisture into your skin. They can help keep your skin healthy and supple while leaving you with that perfect bronzed look.

The scent of this tanning lotion is quite attractive, too. A blend of orange, geranium, vetiver, moss, patchouli, and bergamot, the product is a sure treat for the senses. You won’t have a hard time applying it on your skin.

Also Great: Australian Gold G Gentlemen Natural Bronzer

Australian Gold G Gentlemen Natural Bronzer, on the other hand, is the tanning lotion you shouldn’t miss if you are looking for something that works quick and delivers flawless results. It doesn’t streak and doesn’t leave any oily or greasy feeling on the skin. You’ll get a really natural-looking tan after using it.

And if you’re the type of man who doesn’t like wearing scents with fruity tones, you’re going to love this product. It has hints of geranium, cedarwood, moss, patchouli, and orange. It smells like your typical men’s cologne. It’s not overpowering and it won’t hurt your sense of smell.

Budget Pick: Millennium Tanning Paint It Black 50X

If your budget is tight but you still want to enjoy that tanned look, you can’t go wrong with Millennium Tanning Paint It Black 50X. This particular product is formulated with an auto darkening tan technology to give you extreme dark bronze tanning results.

Now, don’t worry about looking odd after using it. Despite that claim, you’ll actually get a natural looking tan. Also, your skin will stay soft and smooth the entire day.

The product can be used on your face. However, as with any product you apply on your skin, make sure to do a sensitivity test first. This is to make sure that your skin won’t react negatively to the product or any of its ingredients. Remember, the skin on your face is a lot more delicate than the skin on the rest of your body.

How to Choose the Best Tanning Lotion for Men

Men’s skin has a different structure than women’s skin. This means that you need to be extra picky about the products you apply to your skin.

In picking the best tanning lotion for men, here are some of the things you need to consider:

  • Hydrating Factor

    Your skin requires more moisture, particularly when you’re exposed to extremely drying factors on a daily basis. You wouldn’t want to end up with tan skin that cracks and gets flaky. With that, try to pick a tanning lotion that’s formulated with great hydrating ingredients. Some of your best options include aloe vera, glycerin, hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, jojoba oil, and D-panthenol.

  • SPF Protection

    Even though you won’t be getting your tan from exposing yourself to direct sunlight for long hours, you still need to make sure that your skin is protected all the time. Get a tanning lotion formulated with SPF to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

    Additionally, don’t forget to use a separate sunscreen even after tanning. There are a lot of creams and lotions formulated with SPF which you can use on a daily basis. Make sure to apply them before stepping outdoors and reapply as necessary.

  • Ease of Application

    Some tanning lotions require tanning beds to work. Others can give you that sunkissed look without the need to use such machines. Pick the right product based on what’s convenient for you.

  • Flawless Results

    Of course, in picking the best tanning lotion for men, you’d want to get a really flawless result. There should be no streaks on your skin or patches right after using the product. Also, you should have a normal looking tan. You wouldn’t want to end up with an odd-looking orange skin after.


Picking the best tanning lotion for men isn’t really that difficult. As long as you know what to look for, you should be able to make the right pick with ease.

For us, however, Devoted Creations CAMO KING Black Bronzing Lotion is at the top of our list. It’s not just great in giving that perfect sunkissed look but it also works really well in keeping dark spots and other signs of skin aging at bay. Plus, it smells really nice, too.

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