Best Tape Measure for Woodworkers: 6 Products That Can Give That Precise Measurement


Like any other DIY project, woodworking relies on the right measurements to end up with successful results. However, you have to use a proper measuring tool for that. That’s why we’re introducing the best tape measure for woodworkers.

Our Pick: Komelon PG85 Metric Gripper Tape

The right tape measure for woodworking projects should have a secure grip to ensure precision. Fortunately, Komelon PG85 Metric Gripper Tape highlights its easy-grip feature on a thick rubber jacket. The jacket is also designed to protect the housing no matter what.

Speaking of the housing, its design is compact and ergonomic for your convenience. However, it is surprisingly heavy to remain standing when necessary.

Tape measures should have a reliable lock and hook, too. With this product, you’ll be able to use a triple-riveted end hook which is very effective.

A tape measure should have a solid material as well to guarantee durability. Good thing that this product is made of steel with an acrylic coating.

More importantly, to really emphasize the purpose of tape measures, the numbers on this product are very readable. They represent centimeters, but they also have millimeter markings for versatility and accuracy.

Runner Up: eTape16 Digital Tape Measure

It’s amazing how a traditional type of product can be innovated to fit the modern world. eTape16 Digital Tape Measure has a screen that’s big enough to display easy-to-read numbers.

Aside from enhanced readability, the three memory functions also make this product even more useful. One is for the short-term record while the other two are for the long-term. This means you can recall the measurement once again in case you’d accidentally retract the tape.

Despite its fragile components because of digital technology, this tape measure has a polycarbonate plastic housing. This kind of housing is durable and weather-resistant.

Also, let’s not forget the interesting iPod look of this product. Using this tape measure is simply exciting.

Also Great: Kutir Easy to Read Tape Measure

Because of its acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) material, Kutir Easy to Read Tape Measure is shock-resistant. This means the housing will stay intact even if you’d accidentally drop it – even on a concrete floor! That’s a 100% guarantee from the brand since this tool is laboratory-tested.

The product’s high level of durability is sought-after not just by woodworkers but architects, carpenters, interior designers, and homeowners as well.

We should also highlight the tape measure’s magnetic hook. It is best to use it when there are already nails in the wood. This is useful if you’re working alone.

Regarding the product’s accuracy, you should know that it has been granted a certification from the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID). This is definitely a big deal!

Also Great: Stanley STHT36031S Tape Measure

With its multifunctional lock, Stanley STHT36031S Tape Measure retracts smoothly to keep things fast. Its blade also has a firm hold even when tension is applied. In addition, it is really durable because of its Tylon coating.

The best thing about this product, however, is its user-friendly markers. Since all the lines are marked with fractions, novice woodworkers will have an easier time getting the right measurements.

Also Great: Fastcap PMS-12 Measuring Tape

While most retractable tape measures use a yellow blade, Fastcap PMS-12 Measuring Tape aims a higher contrast by using a white one. The main goal, however, is better readability. You might prefer this color combination.

Another special feature of this product is the built-in notepad. Notice that blank white circle on the side? You can actually write notes there! Of course, you may erase it afterward.

The awesomeness of this tape measure doesn’t end with its unique color combination and notepad. It also has a – surprise, surprise – a built-in pencil sharpener! This will help you work continuously while taking important notes like measurements.

Budget Pick: KSEIBI Self Lock Measuring Tape

Isn’t it tricky to get the measurements of large objects on your own?

Luckily for you, KSEIBI Self Lock Measuring Tape automatically locks in position when extended. To retract the blade, just press the button. All of these features will let you use this tool with just one hand.

As a plus, the blade is extra-wide so you can easily read the measurement. It also uses fraction markings for beginners.

How to Select the Best Tape Measure for Woodworkers

As always, we considered a few factors before picking the right product to feature. Check out our standards on what makes the best tape measure for woodworkers:

  • Material

    It is already a given that the tape’s material should be metal for durability. Other materials will never stand a chance when you retract them over and over again.

    When it comes to the housing, however, there are options available. A steel case is excellent for durability, but it can be really heavy which is inconvenient when you measure a vertical surface.

    A rubber housing can also be heavy and durable, but it is much more comfortable than pure steel. That’s why most manufacturers are using rubber to cover ABS plastic. ABS plastic is an in-demand material for tool cases because it is more affordable to produce.

  • Lock

    The next thing you have to think about is the locking mechanism. This is crucial if you’re working by yourself. An automatic lock will help you do your task smoothly even with just one hand.

    Just make sure that the button for retraction is easy enough to control single-handedly.

  • Hook

    Never forget about the hook! This is essential so you can extend the tape without using two hands.

    A traditional hook is fine as long as it is bigger and rougher to easily attach to the surface’s edge. You may also choose a magnetic hook, but it is only useful on metal objects such as nails.


While considering its materials, locking mechanism, and end hook, we selected Komelon PG85 Metric Gripper Tape as the best tape measure for woodworkers. It is sturdy, durable, and user-friendly, which is important for woodworking projects. However, it is most known for its comfortable yet secure rubber grip.

If you’re also looking for other tools that can help you as a woodworker, check out the best table saws, clamps and palm sanders in today’s market. For other applications of tape measures, learn how to get the length of a chainsaw chain, and how to determine drill bit size.