Best Tent for Toddlers: The Best Product for Every Budget


Camping is a fun activity that lets us feel closer to nature.

When we were kids, we were excited when we found out that we’ll be having our own tent. This means no more sharing with mom and dad and sometimes, our siblings.

We were thrilled because we get to have our privacy. We also got to pick the color, size, and the style that we liked.

Picking a tent for your toddler can be tricky because of all the available options. But, we made choosing easy for you with this list of the best tent for toddlers.

Our Pick: Pacific Play Tents Safari Tent and Tunnel Combo

We love the Pacific Play Tents Safari Tent and Tunnel Combo since it gives kids the freedom to explore. They can even invite friends over and pretend like they’re in a treasure hunt.

Made from polyester, this safari-themed tent and tunnel is easy to assemble and can be done in just minutes. It’s great for indoor and outdoor use and suitable for children 3 and up.

The tunnel is connected to the main tent using Velcro tabs. The tent has a huge door and has “windows” for proper ventilation or peek-a-boo opportunities.

Both of these have a padded interior to protect your children from an accident.

It’s durable so you’re confident that it will hold its shape no matter how rough your kids’ play get. It’s washable, too, so you don’t have to worry about drinks spilling and ruining the tent’s floor.

Best of all, it’s water-resistant. This is great because when used outdoors, the flooring will still remain dry even when put over wet grass.

Runner Up: Delta Children Toddler Tent Bed

What we love about this Delta Children Toddler Tent Bed is it comes in 2 parts. It comes with a toddler bed where he can take a rest and a detachable tent to spark his imagination.

Here’s why:

This particular product has bright and colorful “Cars” characters printed on it. So while your kid is inside, he can imagine himself as a racecar driver with this beautiful addition to his room.

This tent bed is big enough that it can fit a 15-month toddler. The toddler bed is made from high-quality plastic that can hold up to 50 pounds.

Meanwhile, the removable tent has a sturdy steel frame. It comes with mesh doors and windows that roll up so your child feels comfortable as he plays.

But, we didn’t like that it has no mattress included. It would have been okay if this product and this particular design weren’t that expensive.

Also Great: Eggsnow Kids Play Tent Castle

Do your kids love prince and princesses? Then, this Eggsnow Kids Play Tent Castle is for them!

Made for both girls and boys, this tent castle can be used indoors and outdoors. This folding tent is bigger than average so your child doesn’t have to worry about restricting his movements.

This tent castle is made from polyester-nylon and other non-toxic materials. This means that your kids can play and breathe freely without being irritated by harsh smells.

Also, this castle comes with a big door, 2 windows, and 3 mesh holes on top. The mesh holes are important so they won’t be bothered by mosquitoes.

And aside from being easy to assemble, this tent castle comes in a zippered storage bag. This is so everything you need is one place as well as making it convenient to carry around.

Budget Pick: Kiddey Ball Pit Play Tent

The Kiddey Ball Pit Play Tent is perfect for kids who want a play tent in an instant. It features a special twist design which makes it easy to “assemble” and store.

We also think it’s great for parents who aren’t good at assembling things.

This huge polka dot-themed play tent is made from fabric doors along with 2 mesh windows. The door also has a tie back option that can be rolled up or lowered down to give them privacy.

This ball pit play tent is durable so it doesn’t matter how hard your kids play in it. It’s washable and easy to clean so you don’t have to worry about bringing it outdoors.

It is made for toddlers 2 years and up.

This product is huge that you can fit up to 300 plastic balls. Unfortunately, these aren’t included in the package so you have to buy the balls separately.

It also comes with its own zippered bag. This is so you can properly store it when not in use and to avoid any damage to the actual tent.

How to Choose the Best Tent for Toddlers

When it comes to your children, we know you can sometimes be picky. We want what’s best for them, too, so here are the things we considered while searching for the best tent for toddlers:

  • Size

    Be sure to get a tent that’s suited for their playing needs.

    In general, bigger is always better. But, not all houses have a big space so we suggest getting one that’s ideal for outdoor use as well.

    You also want to consider the ages and how many kids will use it. Some tents are smaller than the others so you want to find one where everyone can play or sleep comfortably.

  • Purpose

    The main purpose of tents is to give toddlers a comfortable place to sleep in (aside from their bed.) However, they can also be used as a way of interacting and playing with other kids.

    For parents, tents actually help their toddlers transition from being hesitant to sleep on their own to a “big boy bed.” So, you’ll want to find a tent where they can easily crawl in and out from.

  • Materials Used

    Tents made from breathable materials are great to help air circulate. If for outdoor use, choose tents that have UV protection to protect your kids from the sun.

    Also, choose the ones that are water-resistant. This way, it won’t be a problem if it just rained and is still wet outside.


The Pacific Play Tents Safari Tent and Tunnel Combo is our choice as the best tent for toddlers. Aside from a tent where your child can sleep in, it also has a tunnel he can use for play time.