Best Tri-Fuel Portable Generators



Best tri-fuel portable generators use gas, propane or natural gas and they are great during an emergency. They are excellent for household appliances, providing you with enough power output to operate a good number of appliances, such as cooling systems and central heating systems. Some of these generators are composed of heavy duty designs; therefore, they are equally useful at job sites as a primary power source. Of all the best tri-fuel generators, performance is better on propane, but storage of propane is limited in a good number of urban areas. Therefore, you can run your tri-fuel generator on gas or natural gas conveniently.

Best Tri-Fuel Portable Generators Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceRunning Wattage Surge/Starting Wattage VoltageFuel Tank Capacity Run Time at Half Load Low Oil ShutdownNoxious fumesCARB Compliant
Powerland PD3G10000E4$8,000 watts10,000 wats120/240 volts8.3 gallons10 hoursYesNoYes
Briggs & Stratton TF30470P5$$10,000 watts12,500 watts120/240 volts7 gallons7 hoursYesNoNo
Winco HPS9000E5$$8,000 watts9,000 watts120/240 volts4.5 gallons4 hoursYesNoNo
Winco Tri-Fuel Model#16612-0004$$$$10,800 watts12,000 wattts120 volts15 gallons8.9 hoursYesNoNo
Powerland PD3G6500E5$5,500 watts6,500 watts120/240 volts7 gallons12 hoursYesNoYes

Choosing the Best Tri-Fuel Portable Generators

Accessibility of Fuel-Gas/Propane/Natural Gas

Ideally, propane is considered to provide the best performance as far as tri-fuel portable generators are concerned. Nevertheless, storage of propane is known to be limited. Whatever the case may be, 4,000 watts should provide enough power for a small, efficient air conditioner, lights and a personal computer. The choice of fuel for your tri-fuel generator depends mainly on the usage and storage.

Propane may be attractive if there is a way to resupply bulk propane to your location. If you do wind up selecting propane as the primary fuel for your tri-fuel gen-set, you probably will need to buy a unit that is really designed for backup. Usually, the smart choice will be natural gas, since it is widely available. Ultimately, you can use your tri-fuel generator on fuel that is relatively cheap, easily accessible and has minimal storage requirements.

Benefiting Features

The best tri-fuel portable generators are mainly recognized by their features. They are designed to operate on gasoline, natural gas or propane. To begin with, ensure that the set you go for produces clean sine wave power, particularly if you are dealing with sensitive appliances. The best tri-fuel units should be equipped with super easy to switch the system between propane, natural gas, and gasoline.

They perform better with engines that have higher horsepower and they are air-cooled OHV models. For the protection of the engine, the best tri-fuel gen-sets are the ones that are integrated with low-oil shutoff mechanism, along with electric start for easy startup. The power panel should be composed of the following: power outlets, circuit breakers, voltmeter, key start switch, and oil warning light. For easy transport and positioning, you should go for gen-sets that have full wheel kit accompanied by the front handle, and reliable solid rubber tires.

Benefits of Operating on Propane and Natural Gas over Gasoline

Propane and natural gas are the best fuel choices for tri-fuel portable generators. Holding all other factors constant, propane and natural gas burn clean and they are relatively cheaper. Natural gas can save you as much as 40% more than gasoline. When you operate on propane or natural gas, your generator will not produce noxious fumes when compared to using gasoline; therefore, natural gas and propane are convenient for camping and usage in close quarters.

When using either natural gas or propane, you should expect clean emissions, which are great. As far as safety is concerned, propane and natural gas are considered to be the safest fuel types than gasoline. Propane, as well as natural gas, will make your tri-fuel generator easy to maintain.

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