The 6 Best Tweezers for Facial Hair


Getting desperate to remove tiny hairs on your face? You’re obviously not using the right tool.

What you need is a pair of high-precision tweezers.

Since there are different choices out there, you might pick the wrong one for your hair type and plucking skills. That’s why we’re recommending these best tweezers for facial hair.

Our Pick: TweezerGuru Professional Slant Tweezers

With their tips made of premium stainless steel, TweezerGuru Professional Slant Tweezers are extremely precise. That’s why they can easily remove facial hair without scratching your skin.

Other than the fact that stainless steel is durable, this metal is easy to clean as well. That means you can easily wash off the hairs from the tips.

Aside from the high-quality material of the tips, they’re also aligned perfectly. They work well with the balanced tension of the tweezers. These features lead to better control.

Because of the neutral color of these tweezers, they can serve as a gift for both men and women.

Runner Up: Zizzili Basics Surgical Grade Tweezers

Guaranteed to be resistant to acid and rust, Zizzili Basics Surgical Grade Tweezers are perfect for salons. They can also maintain their sharpness and alignment without maintenance.

Speaking of alignment, the thin tips are slanted to grip fine hair. Not all tweezers can do that.

Because of the precise tips of these tweezers, you can remove facial hair from its roots. That will prolong the growth of hair. Other tweezers will just cut the strand, leading to ingrown hair.

What are the applications of this product? It is ideal for defining eyebrows and plucking hair from your chin or nose.

As a plus, this product comes in a handy protective pouch to preserve the quality.

Also Great: Majestic Bombay Surgical Tweezers

These tweezers may look scary, but the pointy tips actually have a purpose. Majestic Bombay Surgical Tweezers have better precision in plucking fine hairs. It turns out that the sharper the tips, the more precise they are.

Unfortunately, this product is best for people with steady hands. You need to know how to control it to avoid accidents.

Also Great: AUMELO 4-Piece Tweezers Set

If you’re unsure about which type of tweezers is right for your hair type, why not settle for a practical kit? AUMELO 4-Piece Tweezers Set includes slant, pointed, angled, and flat tips.

Because of the variety, you can do several things with this product. You can shape your eyebrows, pluck ingrown hairs, and even remove splinters.

Another great thing about this set is how bare its tweezers are. As you can see, the tweezers aren’t coated. Since they’re made of pure stainless steel, rest assured they don’t have chemicals from pigments or dyes.

Also Great: Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezers

The tweezers’ size can also affect control. So, you should know that Tweezerman Mini Slant Tweezers are a bit smaller than most options. If you prefer that, don’t hesitate to buy this product.

Small tweezers have another benefit you’ll appreciate. They’re highly recommended for travel.

You can definitely place them in any crowded bag. Just make sure to cover the tips to protect other stuff.

Budget Pick: Revlon Mini Tweezer Set To Go

If you want something feminine, Revlon Mini Tweezer Set To Go is a must-have. Its pouch looks elegant, but it’s actually tough against heavy use.

Despite its very affordable price, this product will give you two types of tweezers. Now, that’s value for money.

How to Select the Best Tweezers for Facial Hair

Tweezers don’t have a complex structure. That’s why it’s easy to choose the best tweezers for facial hair. Just by considering the tool’s tips, you can already determine the pros and cons.

  • Angled Tip Tweezers

    When you check the products list once again, you’ll see that our top choice has slanted tips. We prefer something that can be used by most people, so we recommend angled tweezers.

    It can be confusing to choose between pointy and straight tips, so why not have both? The sharp end is for accuracy while the straight edge is for safety. This design makes tweezers more versatile.

  • Pointy Tweezers

    If you have fine facial hair, you should use these tweezers. You’ll be able to focus on just one strand of hair.

    Unfortunately, pointed tips are really dangerous. Never choose this type if you have shaky hands.

  • Straight Tip Tweezers

    When it comes to safety, tweezers that have straight tips are hard to beat. They’re perfect for beginners.

    However, using these tweezers can still be painful. Pulling several hairs at once is unbearable for most people. The upside is you’ll get to finish the task faster.

  • Rounded Tip Tweezers

    If you want a safer option, you need rounded tips. They will never hurt you even if you can’t steady your hands.

    The major downside is the lack of precision. You might have to spend more time plucking hairs with these tweezers.

How to Reduce Pain when Using Tweezers

We don’t want you to suffer just because you want a smoother skin. Luckily for you, we’re going to teach you how to condition your skin before and after the process. We’ll also include how to use tweezers properly.

Now, pay attention to these tips:

  • Put a warm cloth or towel on your face to open the pores for easier plucking.
  • Dry your face by gently patting it with a clean towel.
  • Gently rub some powder on your face to make the hairs visible.
  • Make sure that the tweezers’ tips are close to the hair’s base for precision.
  • Quickly pull out the hair.
  • Do the process in a well-lit area, specifically in front of a fixed mirror.
  • Wash your face with cold water afterward.
  • Apply aloe vera for total pain relief.


Since we’re looking for slanted tips made of high-quality steel, TweezerGuru Professional Slant Tweezers are the best tweezers for facial hair. They perfectly balance precision and safety.

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