What Is the Best Type of Thermometer for a Baby


As soon as you feel that your baby is warmer than usual, find a thermometer ASAP. However, if you’re using the wrong kind of thermometer, you’ll never get a precise reading. To avoid this dilemma, let’s find out – what is the best type of thermometer for a baby?

Digital rectal thermometers are best for babies

The rectal thermometer is the ideal type for infants, according to Mayo Clinic. However, since the traditional type is inconvenient and risky, we specifically recommend digital rectal thermometers.

The digital version of rectal thermometers is faster and has a softer tip. You’ll be able to handle a fussy baby better if the reading only takes a few seconds to show up. Meanwhile, the softer tip is to prevent hurting the baby.

Other types of thermometers are for older kids

If you think rectal thermometers are too inconvenient, you have no choice but to pull through with it. Don’t worry; this is only crucial for the first few months of your baby’s life.

Once your baby is done with the infant stage, feel free to try other thermometers. Getting a temperature reading from the forehead, mouth, ear or armpit will definitely make your life easier.

In Conclusion

What is the best type of thermometer for a baby?

Digital rectal thermometers are hands down the best type for babies. Yes, they can be a hassle, but they’re the most accurate.

Since you’ll be handling a digital thermometer, you should know how to maintain it. Learn how to reset and disinfect a digital thermometer.