Best Upright Vacuum Cleaners


How to Choose the Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Upright vacuum cleaners have proven to be very efficient whether in cleaning carpets or bare floors. They offer just as much suction power as canister vacuums and are a lot more convenient to use in many ways. Although they have some limitations, particularly in cleaning stairs, upright vacuums are practical, easy to use and store, and gets the job done.

So How Do?you Choose the Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner for your Home

You may have come across our general guide in choosing a vacuum cleaner and have decided to go with an upright model because of its advantages in terms of versatility and convenience. If you haven’t, I highly recommend that you do a quick read because the general guidelines apply to this too. At any rate, if you know you want an upright vacuum, but don’t know how to choose the right one, here are a few things that could help you.

  • Accessibility of the Controls

    Power button, switches, and dials should all be accessible, whether on the handle or by a lever on the base which you can step on to switch functions. Upright vacuums are designed so that you never have to bend over to access the controls. If an upright vacuum requires that you struggle to find these buttons or dials, that would defeat the purpose.

  • Brush Roll Setting

    look for a model that gives you the option to turn the motorized brush on and off. This is a must when you have hard floors. Some people may argue that you don’t really need to turn the brush off in order to clean bare floors. That may be true. Only, there is one unsettling problem when you clean bare floors with the brush still on. – What happens is the particles get pushed forward, back, and at times, to the sides by the brush. Hard floors are smooth so the brush just scatters them around. It would still pick it up with the suction but it’s going to take more time.

    Some models include a hard floor attachment which you have to use with the extension wand. That would work but it would still take time to attach it and take the wand out, instead of just pressing a button without having to stop at all.

  • Dust Canister/ Dust Cup

    This applies to cyclonic or bagless models. The size of the dust cup really depends on how much you vacuum. But of course, the bigger the canister is, the less you would have to empty it. What’s more important here is the way it is designed to be emptied. The dust canister should be easily pulled out and ideally, it should have a bottom door or flap which should open with a push of a button to release the dirt straight to the trash bin, instead of having to open the lid and tap out the dust. Watch out because not all canisters are like this.

  • Foam Filter

    Speaking of dust, most upright vacuum cleaners today are bagless. That poses risk of the dust particles being released to the air. Your upright vacuum should have a reliable foam filter to trap these particles. If you or someone in your household has asthma or other allergies, a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter is recommended. It is better if the filter is washable because it will be less expensive in the long run.

  • Handle

    It would be a big advantage if the handle is height adjustable or at least foldable. Upright vacuums are tall so it would be easier to store if the handle can be folded.

  • Cord Length

    Unlike canister vacuums, where you use the extension wand at all times, you are limited in the areas you cover using an upright. So it’s important that the cord is long enough for you to move around freely. An added advantage is if the cord is retractable as featured in the Hoover Rewind.

  • Maneuverability

    The upright design could make it harder to maneuver. So check for features like swivel steering for easier handling.

  • Weight

    Ideal weight of an upright vacuum cleaner is around 15-18 pounds. Anything more than that could cause you trouble unless, it is highly maneuverable.

  • Attachments

    A mini brush or pet attachment is very useful for cleaning pet hair. You should also check for crevice tool, extension wand, dusting brush, and upholstery tool, etc. A Turbo Brush like that of the BISSELL CleanView would be great for cleaning stairs.

  • Others

    Extra features that could be really useful in an upright vacuum include a full indicator for the dust cup so you know when it’s time to empty it. Other models like the Shark Navigator Lift-Away feature a full upright vacuum that transforms into a portable. Wet and dry cleaning is also featured in some like the Hoover FloorMate SpinScrub.


It is not very easy to choose the one best upright vacuum cleaner but you should be able to narrow down your options with the help of this guide. After that, it’s a matter of preference. Remember to keep versatility in mind when comparing prices. It’s always nice to have more features in a single machine than purchasing two.

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