Best Video Baby Monitors


Let there be no doubt about it. When you are talking about the best video baby monitors you are basically talking about THE best baby monitors themselves. This is because top of the line monitors available these days in the market are all classified as ‘video monitors’. However, coming back to the point; a video monitor allows parents to view their child’s activities without having to make trips all the way over to their room. What factors define the best video baby monitors? They are mentioned in the following section of this guide.

Best Video Baby Monitors Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceBattery TimeTypeRange
Foscam FBM3501 Digital Video Baby Monitor4$$$3 hours +2.4 GHZ Digital Video with 3.5 LCD800+ feet
AngelCare AC-11004$$$$5 hoursVideo650 feet
Samsung Secure View Baby Monitor4$$$6 hours +Digital wireless video350 feet
LorexBaby LBN511 Little Link4$$$3 hoursDigital Video HD980 feet
Foscam FBM2307 Digital Video Baby Monitor4$$3 hours +Digital Video HD980 feet

Things to Consider When Purchasing the Best Video Baby Monitors

A video monitor isn’t just about having a receiver with a screen in it. You need to consider multiple aspects such as battery timing, night vision, clarity, proper transmission with zero interference. Many devices are faced with this issue; if you get included in that list then no matter how expensive your purchase may be; it gets to be no different than a base line model.

  • Display

    First off comes the display. The screen should be at least 2.3 to 2.5 inches supporting full colour. The Motorola MBP36 gives 3.5. The size of the screen helps in easily viewing the complete picture. If your monitor will be displaying parameters such as battery timing, temperature, signal strength, etc then a big screen is even more necessary.

    You don’t want a small screen cramped with indicators flashing all over. You can also get a touch interface here but, honestly speaking, you are better off without what is termed by many as ‘complications’ rather than a helping feature. Coming back, the display should be adjustable with regards to basic features such as contrast and brightness at the very least. It should be such that you can view it in normally lit conditions as well as dark ones.

  • Transmission

    While you don’t need to consider digital vs. analog here since digital is used as a standard in all video monitors. However do note that data is transmitted using specific frequency bands such as the Foscam 2.4 GHZ.

    You need to ensure that this won’t be an issue as conflicting bands lead to loss of data or improper transmission at the very least. You can consider purchasing a video monitor with DECT transmission system but that can greatly affect you in the cost factor.

  • Night vision

    This feature can altogether eliminate the need for you to go and turn on the light every time you have to check on your baby. Basically the cameras mounted on transmitters (child units) are lined with infrared LEDs.

    These LEDs light up the area with rays which are beyond the human eye’s colour spectrum. So although the video output is black and white in such ‘low light’ conditions; at least you are provided unimpeded feedback on your child.

  • Portability

    A factor necessary among all monitors; portability, when it comes to video monitors, is all the more necessary. Not only will you be moving around your unit but also the child unit. Therefore the design should be such that it can easily be packed up and moved around.

    There are certain models which require setting up such as Wi-Fi monitors and these even require power connections. Beware that if you buy these ones then you won’t be able to move the monitor around much and will have to rely on the range of the transmitter.

  • Connectivity

    Video monitors offer connectivity options such as pairing them with your router and or smart phones and tablets, etc. You can consider this option if you want to access the live feed from outside your house, at work, etc as offered by the Infant Optics DXR-5.

  • Camera/View control

    Panning and zooming features can come in handy such as in the Motorola MBP36. But these features are available only in the more ‘pricey’ models. You can calculate the trade-off between cost and features and see where convenience is in your favour.?These features allow you to focus in on spots such as your baby’s tummy and whether it is caving in and out as it should for breathing.

  • Range limit warning

    Having a warning system when going out of range can be helpful in a video monitor. This is because what happens is that the screen/picture simply freezes when signals are dropped. In such cases a range warning system can be helpful to alert the parent.


A good video monitor will display the picture with clarity and minimal delay. Sound will also be transmitted in the same manner. If these two aspects can be covered than you have made the right purchase. Have a look at the comparison table for an estimate of some ‘good’ video monitors on the market.

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