Best Voice Recorder


To be honest, an actual voice recorder will always be better than the type found in mobile phones when it comes to effectively recording meetings, interviews, lectures, song demos, and other relevant tasks. The latter is too fragile for accidental removal, stressful for quick recordings, and difficult to control because of its multiple functions.

On the other hand, all features of an independent voice recorder solely focus on recording audio, playback, and storage. That makes voice recorders easier to use and more affordable for everyone. After careful research and product testing, we are giving the best voice recorder in today’s market.

Our Pick: Lyker 8GB Noise Cancelling Dual Microphone Digital Audio Sound Voice Recorder

Lyker 8GB Noise Cancelling Dual Microphone Digital Audio Sound Voice Recorder has a tough yet lightweight metal casing for durability and portability, perfect for advanced field researchers. First, let’s go over the noise cancelling features. This voice recorder has two built-in microphones that are extremely sensitive to the strongest sounds – even up to 40 feet away – making it an ideal choice for lectures. The results will always be crystal-clear for the ears.

When it comes to playback, this product has a high-quality LCD display to show you the file name and the recording time. That makes your life easier when you have a lot of recordings. Another thing that makes this recorder unique is its high-tech sensor, which automatically stops the recording when there are no more prominent sounds. Once the sounds start to get dynamic again, the sensor automatically restarts the recording. Only one extra feature is added to this recorder, and that is the music player. It can play MP3, WAV, and WMA files copied from your desktop computer or ever-reliable laptop.

Runner Up: DGFAN DG003 8GB 560 Hours Rechargeable Audio Voice Activated Recorder

DGFAN DG003 8GB 560 Hours Rechargeable Audio Voice Activated Recorder has a really compact form and small size to easily fit pockets, bags, and briefcases. Its commands or controls are delightfully basic for easier use. The battery can last for 90 hours, even with nonstop recording. To save battery, this voice recorder automatically turns off after two minutes of inactivity. Meanwhile, it can reach up to 560 hours of playback data. Regarding the extra features, it only has a music player and a digital alarm clock.

Also Great: eBoTrade Dirct 8GB Professional Multifunctional Portable Digital Voice Recorder

eBoTrade Dirct 8GB Professional Multifunctional Portable Digital Voice Recorder has one amazing feature; it can record an entire telephone conversation – both sides! To make it less confusing while recording, playback and record are separated into two buttons. If you are always trying to be discreet while recording, then this product is an excellent choice for you.

Also Great: BOOCOSA 8GB 1536Kbps Noise Reduction Color Digital Audio Voice Recorder

BOOCOSA 8GB 1536Kbps Noise Reduction Color Digital Audio Voice Recorder takes it up a notch with three extremely sensitive microphones, making it useful for any situation. It can even pick up subtle conversations far from your spot. In case you would want to connect it to your computer for file transfer, you do not have to wait too long because of its advanced sync feature. Its additional features are the sleep timer, indication light, and language setting.

Budget Pick: Sony ICD-BX140 4GB Digital Voice Recorder

Sony ICD-BX140 4GB Digital Voice Recorder is fit for people who just want to have something handy just in case. For the price, 4GB is already enough for long hours of recording. This product can also control the pitch for clearer playback. You can even search for files easily in this device.

How to Select the Best Voice Recorder

To find the best voice recorder that fits your motives or professional tasks, here are some features to consider:

  • Memory

    Choose a voice recorder with built-in memory as well as a memory card slot. Having both gives you a chance to own a bigger storage capacity for your audio files. Some memory cards can only store 1GB while others can go up to 128GB of data. Just make sure that the memory card you will buy is compatible with your future recording device. For starters, we recommend voice recorders with 4GB internal storage.

  • Playback Quality

    A good voice recorder should produce recordings that are free from unnecessary noises such as hisses, echoes, rumbles, and other background sounds that affect the audio’s clarity. There are multiple sound qualities that are found in most voice recorders such as LP or Long Play which means low quality, SP or Standard Play for medium quality, and HQ or High Quality. The highest quality level produces the best audio but eats up a lot of memory.

  • Microphone

    Voice recorders have built-in microphones to record sounds. However, for a higher level of audio quality, having a voice recorder with a microphone jack can change the game. Most built-in microphones generally capture all kinds of sounds in a noisy environment. With an external microphone though, the recording is perfectly focused on the nearest sound.

    Speaking of high-quality mics, check out our take on the best podcasting microphones. Podcasts rely on voices, so it is best to have a mic that perfectly captures what a person says on air.

  • Format

    Compressed and uncompressed are the two major types of digital audio file formats. Higher compression results to a lower quality of sound, so you should choose a voice recorder that allows you to store uncompressed audio like WAV formats. Raw, uncompressed audio format successfully maintains the original recording quality. On the other hand, formats like WMA and MP3 are compressed files.

  • Battery

    Another thing to consider is the voice recorder’s battery. An ideal recorder should have at least 12 hours of battery life. Remember to settle for rechargeable ones only. Voice recorders are portable, so it only makes sense that battery convenience is a crucial factor.

  • PC Connectivity

    For transferring files, your device should be able to connect to a computer. SD cards, USB ports, and Bluetooth are features that allow you to move your files from recorder to PC for editing, sharing, and easier transcribing.


We selected Lyker 8GB Noise Cancelling Dual Microphone Digital Audio Sound Voice Recorder because it is durable, portable, effective in noise cancelling, sensitive to prominent sounds, and innovative which makes it perfect for the modern age. Before considering a product as the best voice recorder for your needs, evaluate first its memory, playback quality, microphone, format, battery, and connectivity.