The Best Warming Trays You Can Get For Your Kitchen


If you like hosting parties, you know how important it is to keep your food warm. It’s one way to make sure that your guests will truly enjoy your party as well as the food you prepared. This makes it essential that you invest in a good and efficient warming tray.

To help you pick out the best warming trays for your party, here’s a list of the top products that earned our highest approval.

Our Pick: NutriChef Portable Electric Food Hot Plate

This NutriChef Portable Electric Food Hot Plate offers a hassle-free operation. Turning on the power switch also turns on the light indicator to let you know that the tray is actually warming up.

The tray has a cool touch carry handles for your safety. It’s easy to transport and requires minimal time to set-up. It’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t like spending a really long time waiting for their trays to warm up.

Now, even though it warms up fast, it’s recommended that you preheat the tray for a minimum of 5 minutes before placing your pans. Don’t worry about consuming too much power as this unit’s actually energy efficient.

The tray features a non-stick tempered glass which is both durable and easy to clean. Its design won’t take a lot of space in your kitchen

Runner Up: Classic Kitchen Deluxe Glass Buffet Warming Tray

Classic Kitchen Deluxe Glass Buffet Warming Tray has an easy to press on/off switch and a red pilot indicator. These two features are a must-have for safety purposes.

What’s nice about this unit is that it has a variable temperature control dial. You can set it up to warm anywhere between 110°F to 230°F. It uses 300 watts of power to quickly warm up your food.

This warming tray is designed to be used for long hours. However, as with any electric appliances, you shouldn’t leave it plugged in for a long time, particularly when you aren’t there to look after it.

One of the things you’ll love about it is its size. It’s actually big and its glass surface is non-slippery and texture.

Also Great: Oster Buffet Server

Oster Buffet Server comes with 3 pieces of 2.5-quart trays which are perfect for keeping food warm for holidays, gatherings, and parties. Made with stainless steel housing, this one is designed with durability in mind.

Now, in addition to being durable, it looks sleek as well. It has transparent lids with handles which can trap both moisture and warmth.

Looking at the front side of the warming tray, you’ll find a temperature knob which you can use to manipulate the level of heat. And on its side are safe-to-touch handles to prevent accidental burns.

As a tip, remember to heat the warming tray at high for about 10 minutes before using it for the first time. It’s a good way to remove unwanted odors.

Now, the smell isn’t that horrible. In fact, you won’t be able to notice it unless you’re expecting it or you got your nose so close to the warming tray.

Budget Pick: Nostalgia BSC15 3-Station 1.5-Quart Buffet Server Warming Tray

Nostalgia BSC15 3-Station 1.5-Quart Buffet Server Warming Tray is our cheapest find on this list. Despite its affordable price, it actually performs well.

This warming tray is smaller in size if you compare it with the other products here. It has this buffet-style base which actually doubles as the warming tray.

One really nice thing about the unit is that it looks nice. It has this copper accents which make it look extra sleek.

To keep you safe when transferring the tray, there are stay-cool sides which you can hold onto for portability. Its lits and spoon slots are also heat resistant.

What You Need to Consider When Buying The Best Warming Trays

Keeping your food warm during parties and even simple dinners with the family is important. After all, no one wants to be served with cold food on a special day, right?

So to help you decide which is the best warming tray for you, we’re listing down some of the most important factors to consider.

  • Material

    As much as possible, go with warming trays made of stainless steel. This material is both rust-resistant and durable, allowing your warming tray to last long.

  • Size

    If you are planning on serving several dishes, go with a larger warming tray. The size of a tray will help you determine how many dishes you can heat up at a single time.

    Now, if you decide to go with a larger tray, be sure that you enough space in your countertop to accommodate it. You also need a bigger space for storing it.

  • Temperature controls

    Having a warming tray with temperature controls give you more freedom in choosing the right heat level for your food. Remember, keeping your food at a certain temperature helps prevent bacteria buildup.

  • Maintenance

    You’d want a warming tray that’s easy to set up and clean. After all, at a party, you have lots of things to do. You have food to cook, guests to entertain, and tables to set up. With that, try to find a warming tray you won’t have a hard time operating.

  • Safety

    Because they warm up, you need to be extra careful when handling warming trays. For your safety, look for trays with cool touch handles. They can make the trays easier and safer to move around the kitchen or the dining table.


Among the best warming trays on this list, we chose NutriChef Portable Electric Food Hot Plate as our top product. This particular warming tray is easy to operate and maintain. Plus, it’s energy efficient so you won’t have to worry about your electric bill. And even though it’s at the top of our list, this warming tray still has an affordable price.

And to help you complete the tools you need for your party, consider getting the best steak knife set, too. You may also want to invest in the best bakeware if you’re into serving pies and pastries.