The Best Wedge Pillow for Snoring You’ll Be Happy to Own


Can’t deal with nighttime grunts and snorts any longer? Fortunately, there’s a product specifically designed to stop that type of discomfort. Check out the best wedge pillow for snoring.

Our Pick: InteVision Memory Foam Bed Wedge Pillow

What better way to have a good night’s sleep than laying your head on a comfortable pillow? InteVision Memory Foam Bed Wedge Pillow has two layers to really ensure comfort.

To be more specific, the two-inch top layer is made of memory foam. Meanwhile, the base uses a firm foam for the sake of support. If you’re curious about the middle part, there are actually hidden channels there that facilitate air flow.

This wedge pillow isn’t just for people who snore or have breathing difficulties when lying on their back. It can also be beneficial for those who are struggling with allergies and acid reflux. More importantly, it is recommended for post-surgery recovery, specifically for patients who require a bit of elevation.

If you’re not experiencing any of the aforementioned conditions, this pillow can still do wonders for you. It can minimize back pain for a deeper sleep.

Now, let’s focus on convenience. The white cover is machine-washable. The entire structure will also return to its original form despite the portable vacuum-sealed packaging.

Runner Up: FitPlus Premium Bed Wedge Pillow

Even though FitPlus Premium Bed Wedge Pillow only uses 1.5-inch memory foam, it’s still a decent option when it comes to comfort. It has a base made of polyurethane foam to support the top layer perfectly. One of the expected results aside from reducing snores is less neck pain.

This wedge pillow can even stop some orthopedic problems. It promotes the prevention of shoulder and spine issues. With this advantage, it will be possible for you to always read a book or watch movies on your bed without consequences to your health.

As a plus for comfort, the cover is extremely soft. It is also breathable so you can still sleep well on warm nights. You may share this delight with other people by purchasing it as a gift.

Also Great: Xtreme Comforts Bed Wedge Pillow

Because of its specific 30-degree angle incline, Xtreme Comforts Bed Wedge Pillow isn’t only ideal for beds. If you want to take a rest on your couch, this pillow will work nicely with the furniture’s structure.

Since the pillow will be in close contact with your skin, you might appreciate the fact that its cover is hypoallergenic. That’s already a given if you use something made of bamboo fiber. Bamboo is widely considered to be safe for sensitive skin.

Worried about a flatter wedge pillow after frequent use? Luckily for you, that will never happen with genuine memory foam. Feel free to expect using this pillow for several years.

Budget Pick: Brentwood Home Foam Wedge Pillow

If you like lounging on the floor, Brentwood Home Foam Wedge Pillow is an affordable choice to support your body whenever necessary. It has a smooth slope to relax your neck and shoulders, which is crucial to reduce snoring.

Apart from the hypoallergenic properties of this wedge pillow, it is also resistant to dust mites. It is even a CertiPUR-US Certified product. That means it’s completely free from formaldehyde, lead, mercury, phthalates, flame retardants, ozone depleters, and other hazardous components.

How to Select the Best Wedge Pillow for Snoring

Type, comfort, and cleaning convenience represent the best wedge pillow for snoring. Here’s a helpful buying guide to ensure that you’ll buy the right product for your needs.

  • Type

    Before we explain the type of wedge pillow we recommend, you must have an idea about other variations out there. When it comes to shape, a wedge pillow can be flat or curved. Some options even have a complex form because of added features like headrests.

    However, since our focus is to reduce snoring, plain wedge pillows are better. A simple flat slope will provide foolproof support to crucial sections such as your neck and upper back.

    What about the fact that there big and small wedge pillows? How can you determine which size is right for you?

    Simple: just observe your bed.

    If you’re using a full or twin mattress, smaller wedge pillows are ideal. On the other hand, for a queen- or king-sized bed, bigger options are certainly the standard.

  • Comfort

    In case you haven’t noticed, some wedge pillows have lower slopes while others are clearly higher than expected. Low slopes are generally more comfortable for sleeping, but they can trigger discomfort for people who have severe breathing problems.

    If you snore really loud, especially due to respiratory issues, we suggest going for a higher wedge pillow. Don’t worry; this type can be your best friend while you’re lounging on your bed. It can serve as a backrest or headrest when you’re sitting.

    As a plus, high wedge pillows can keep pregnant women comfortable. If an expecting mom likes to sleep sitting up, then she would appreciate additional back support.

    Meanwhile, the pillow’s weight can also affect comfort. If it’s only three pounds light, for example, it would fall from your bed easily if you’re an active sleeper. However, you can easily move it wherever you please.

    On the other hand, heavier wedge pillows weighing more or less 10 pounds are sturdier. They’re not exactly travel-friendly, but they get the job done for those who need relief at home.

    Finally, it’s time to discuss the materials that can ensure comfort. Without a doubt, memory foam beats other options. Memory foam will adjust to your body, not the other way around.

    Since a memory foam can be firmer or softer, you should decide on this, too. A firm wedge pillow is perfect for total support, but it still needs to be a bit softer for comfort. That’s right; it’s just a matter of balance.

    For the cover, bamboo is arguably the best. It is hypoallergenic, soft, and breathable.

  • Cleaning Convenience

    Since cleaning the pillow itself can be time-consuming, at least make sure the cover is removable. To make things easier, the cover should be machine-washable as well.

    If you’re curious how to properly clean memory foam, a quick spot cleaning will do. Never wash it to preserve the quality for a long time.


After considering type, comfort, and cleaning convenience, we decided to choose InteVision Memory Foam Bed Wedge Pillow as our top choice. Being the best wedge pillow for snoring, it aims to support the necessary points of your body for better breathing.