Best White Noise Sound Machine: 6 Products You Should Consider Buying


Find it hard to sleep at night?

Worry no more!

With the best white noise sound machine, you can easily put your mind at ease before sleeping. It turns out that white noise has always been effective for drowning out ambient noises.

Now that you’re ready to buy a white noise machine, take a look at our top choices!

Our Pick: Big Red Rooster White Noise Machine

Sometimes, white noise isn’t the only sound you need for relaxing. Good thing that Big Red Rooster White Noise Machine has five more sounds you can enjoy. You may set the device to Summer Night, Thunder, Ocean, Brook, or Rain.

Another feature that all white noise machines should have is the timer. This product can automatically stop after 15, 30 or 60 minutes. On the other hand, if you prefer to listen to this device until you wake up, feel free to leave it on.

What if you need to sleep somewhere else? Luckily for you, this white noise machine is so compact and lightweight. It even has two power source options: electrical outlets and batteries.

Runner Up: Marpac Dohm White Noise Machine

If white noise is the only sound you need for sleeping, Marpac Dohm White Noise Machine is an excellent choice. Using it will give you the freedom to adjust the sound quality based on your preference. In particular, you’ll be able to set the volume and tone.

To be more specific, this product works with a dual speed motor and an asymmetrical fan. Its housing is designed to create a constant rush of air, canceling out ambient sounds. The result is a distinct white noise called the Marpac Signature Sound.

Also Great: AVANTEK White Noise Sound Machine

With the small size of AVANTEK White Noise Sound Machine, it’s surprising to know that it contains 20 settings. It has six white noise sounds, six fan sounds, and eight nature sounds. The nature setting specifically includes Clock, Campfire, Crickets, Birds, Stream, Wind, Rain, and Ocean Waves.

How small is this device, anyway? Well, we’re talking about something that easily fits crowded handbags.

Meanwhile, this product has a memory function. It can store your previous settings so you don’t have to make adjustments all over again.

Regarding the timer, it has longer and more flexible duration settings. You can easily set the timer up to seven hours.

Lastly, if you prefer an option that works with a USB cable, this product is perfect for you.

Also Great: Pure Enrichment Wave Sound Machine

Want something that smoothly combines various relaxing sounds? Pure Enrichment Wave Sound Machine can seamlessly loop six sounds, including white noise. You’ll hear no pauses or breaks, which totally improves the experience.

Not only is this device good for sleeping, it’s also helpful for your other gadgets. You can charge your phone with this product. This is useful if you’re far from the electrical outlet.

Also Great: Sleep Easy White Noise Sound Machine

Don’t underestimate the size of Sleep Easy White Noise Sound Machine. It is small but very effective. It can cover up annoying sounds like the humming of old ACs and refrigerators.

This product can even handle louder sounds. It can conceal the noise of vacuum cleaners and dishwashers. That’s why it’s perfect for busy moms who want to keep their babies asleep during the day.

Budget Pick: Homedics White Noise Sound Machine

Here’s something very affordable. Homedics White Noise Sound Machine is perfect for budget-conscious people who just want to relax through sound therapy.

As a plus, this product is smaller than most options. It can fit purses and small handbags. You can literally take it anywhere.

How to Select the Best White Noise Sound Machine

Type, versatility, portability, and design are crucial in choosing the best white noise sound machine. Find out why!

  • Type

    There are two kinds of white noise machines you should consider. Simply choose between analog and digital.

    To help you out, we recommend the digital version. It has more settings to surely match your preferences. It is also more durable.

    However, some people don’t like the sound quality of digital white noise machines. They prefer something more natural to the ears. If you’re one of them, choose the analog type.

    Analog white noise machines rely on actual fans to produce a natural sound. Don’t worry; they’re still adjustable. They have a special housing you can adjust to control volume and pitch.

    Sadly, when the fans wear out, you might be forced to buy a new machine. Worn-out fans tend to produce extra sounds.

  • Versatility

    White noise is best for sleeping. However, when you want to relax during the day, you might not appreciate it.

    If a white noise machine has other sound options, you can enjoy relaxation even more. Just imagine listening to the sound of ocean waves even if you’re just lounging at home. Now, that’s a great way to end a long, tiring day.

  • Portability

    Bedtime away from home is hard for some people. Fortunately, white noise can help them achieve a deep sleep. But, that’s only possible if the machine is portable.

    You should go for a compact and lightweight device. You should consider its power options, too. It’s best if the machine has an AC adapter and a battery compartment.

  • Design

    If you want an attractive white noise machine for your nightstand, go ahead! It can be tricky to settle for a specific design, though. Luckily for you, we have some tips.

    First, think about the shape. Feel free to go for the basics like square, rectangle, round, and oval. If you prefer something creative, just remember to keep it small.

    Consider the size and number of light indicators, too. You might get distracted while you’re trying to sleep.

    When it comes to color, it’s all up to you. Popular colors for white noise machines will always be black and white.


For the top spot, we selected Big Red Rooster White Noise Machine. As the best white noise sound machine out there, it aces versatility, portability, and design.

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To relax before bedtime, we suggest pampering yourself with a foot massager while reading a good book.