The 6 Best Wire Cutters for Electronics


When you’re repairing electronic devices, it’s not enough that you use just about any wire cutter. You need one that’s made particularly for electronic projects. This tool is essential for trimming, stripping, and connecting wires while keeping your fingers away from safety hazards.

However, what should we look for in a wire cutter? Is it about the sharpness, form or safety features?

To help you decide, allow us to give you some ideas by introducing the best wire cutters for electronics.

Our Pick: Hakko CHP-170 Micro Cutter

Ideal for flush cuts and soft wires, Hakko CHP-170 Micro Cutter has a jaw measuring eight millimeters. The jaw also has an angled head to easily flush-cut a 16-gauge copper wire.

To ensure durability, this product is composed of 2.5-millimeter heat-treated carbon steel. Its Parkerized surfaces can even prevent corrosion and glare. Because of these factors, this tool can last for several years.

Meanwhile, to guarantee excellent control, this wire cutter has precision-ground surfaces and holes. It also has a spring so the tool can return to an open position. Another feature contributing to the user’s comfort is the pair of dolphin-style nonslip grips with a curved fore-edge.

Runner Up: Klein Tools 11055 Wire Cutter

Aside from cutting and stripping wires, Klein Tools 11055 Wire Cutter is also great at bending, shaping, and looping them. This feature is possible because of its precision-ground stripping holes and serrated nose with a really strong grip.

This product is ideal for 12-20 and 10-18 AWG stranded and solid wires. That’s enough to prove its versatility.

Also Great: Xuron 170-II Micro-Shear Flush Cutter

Perfect for shear-cutting 20 AWG soft wires, Xuron 170-II Micro-Shear Flush Cutter is made of alloy steel. It is so strong and tough because of its Rockwell hardness 54-56C factor.

This product also contributes to the operator’s comfort since it has a return spring. The spring only needs simple hand movements to prove its effectiveness in flush-cutting wires. Additionally, this tool has nonslip grips as well.

Great for working in tight spaces, this wire cutter has a compact size. It is a reliable tool for meticulous work.

Also Great: Whizzotech 4.5 Inch Wire Cutter

Taking durability to another level, Whizzotech 4.5 Inch Wire Cutter is forged with solid chromium vanadium steel. It can easily cut thin memory wires, cords, tiger tails, small chains, eye pins, and headpins. That’s why it is highly recommended not only for electricians but for craftsmen and jewellers as well.

To ensure comfort, this product has handles coated with PVC for a smoother cutting session. It also has a spring for easier control.

This tool is ideal for cutting soft 12 AWG copper wires, soft 14 AWG iron wires, and four-millimeter plastic.

Also Great: Channellock 338 8-Inch Cutting Pliers

With their diagonal High Leverage Lap joint, Channellock 338 8-Inch Cutting Pliers are a must-have. They have a knife and anvil-style design treated with laser heat to make their cutting-edge durable. This feature also boosts flawless mating.

Another feature to enhance durability is the high-carbon C1080 steel construction. It is even coated with a special material to prevent corrosion.

Budget Pick: TDOK TD-170 Flush Cutter

Even though it is the most affordable option here, TDOK TD-170 Flush Cutter is effective for shear-cutting 20 AWG soft wires. It is even made of alloy steel with a strength of 54-56C Rockwell hardness.

When it comes to comfort, this product is also a good choice because of its PVC-coated grips. It also has a return spring just like its top competitors.

As expected, this tool is smaller than other choices because of its low price. However, this factor is useful for delicate work.

How to Select the Best Wire Cutters for Electronics

Check out the following factors we considered to come up with a reliable list of the best wire cutters for electronics:

  • Safety

    The number one priority should always be safety. One way to ensure this is by using insulated wire cutters. Insulated cutters are really effective in preventing electrical shocks.

    Unfortunately, you can’t consider a wire cutter safe just because its handles have a rubber or plastic coating. This factor is not enough to prove safety.

    What you need to do is buy a pair from a trusted seller only. Carefully read the product’s description if it is insulated. There’s more to safety than mere handles coated with plastic or rubber.

  • Versatility

    Cutting wires is simple enough with any type of cutter, but what about wires you have to bend to easily insert them into a small area? The solution is to use wire cutters with a needle nose.

    Needle-nose wire cutters are popular for electricians. They have sharp yet tapered jaws to easily bend wire and insert it into an electrical panel’s switchgear section. Cutters or pliers without a needle nose can’t access these tight spaces.

  • Precision

    For precise cutting, side cutters or diagonal pliers are your best bet. They are ideal for cutting soft aluminum or copper conductors. These metals require tools such as side cutters to prevent messy edges which can be a safety hazard.

    Another good option for precise cutting is the flush cutter. This tool makes sure that the edges are smooth.

  • Durability

    The enemy of wire cutters is corrosion. Rust deteriorates their quality to make precise cuts. It can even trigger safety issues.

    Some of the best metal surfaces that can resist corrosion include carbon steel, alloy steel, and chromium vanadium steel. Manufacturers even provide extra features to these metal surfaces.

    Heat or laser treatment boosts the metal’s toughness. Sometimes, a special coating is even added to prevent glare and rust.

  • Comfort

    Just because you’re doing delicate work with wires doesn’t mean that you have to experience fatigue in your wrists and arms. That’s why you have to choose a wire cutter that has a spring-loaded design and cushioned grips.

    The spring makes sure that the cutter easily opens and closes even with minimal movements. This may lead to an effortless repair session. As a plus, with cushioned grips, your fingers stay comfortable and secure because of the non-slip material.


The best wire cutters for electronics should highlight safety, versatility, precision, durability, and comfort all at the same time. Ultimately, we selected Hakko CHP-170 Micro Cutter as the top product because of its enhanced features.

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