Best Wood Baby Gates


Baby gates are used to protect the toddlers from sudden mishaps or falls by blocking some sites of your house like doorways and stair case. These baby gates ensure the security of the children by hindering these areas.

Most of the children start discovering the things as they reach the age of 8-9 months. So for their exploratory nature and to make them safe these safety gates are installed. You can mount them at both ends of the stairs and in the door ways. Even if you want to restrict the movement of your baby in kitchen, then it is ideal to fix it in the kitchen doorway.

Best Wood Baby Gates Comparison Table 2017

North States Industries Wood Gate3.5$$Durable frame, pressure mounted and best for the bottom of the stairs4.9 pounds42 inches wide23 inches high
Munchkin Wood and Steel Designer Gate4.5$$Stylish looks, double locking system and pressure mounted1 pounds40.5 inches wide29.5 inches tall
Dreambaby Nottingham Expandable Wooden Gate3.5$$Hardware mounted, can be pushed in both directions8.8 pounds29 inches tall41 inches width
Evenflo Top-of-Stair Gate4.5$Hardware mounted, detachable swing control6.5 pounds32 inches Tall48 inches wide
Evenflo Position and Lock Wood Gate3.5$Easy installation. Rubber bumpers, locking bar4 pounds25.5 inches width23.5 inches tall

Buying Guide for Wood Baby Gates

If your baby has started discovering the house, then this is the right time to buy a baby gate. But what are the main features that a baby gate should possess? Here is the buying guide of baby gates that will assist you to buy a best one for your baby:

  • Choose the Right One

    First of all, it is very important to check the place where you want to install this gate and take the measurements, because you may need to buy the extensions, if these places are wider than the average width. Carefully take the measurements and choose your gate accordingly.

  • Durability

    Check the material of the gate which you are anticipating to buy. There are many gates that are available in market with various materials, but the trustworthy is wood and metal. Remember one thing before buying, that the wooden gate should be durable and must have a warranty. In this way, it will save your money. For instance, Dreambaby Nottingham Expandable Wooden Gate is highly durable.

  • Price

    Price of the wood gate also matters a lot. Mostly the wood and the metallic gates are expensive, but you can check those gates that are less expensive and has all the features that you actually need. In this way, you will get your desired product within limited budget.

  • Adjustable Height and Width

    The safety gates with adjustable height and width are ideal to buy. The children who are taller can easily climb over the gate, so it is very important to buy a gate with maximum and adjustable height. You will be able to adjust the height of the gate according to the height of your toddler. On the other hand, some of the door ways in our houses lack the average width, so for that reason we need to buy extensions to adjust them.

  • Type of Gate

    It is also important to note the type of the gate either it is pressure mounted or hardware mounted. Mostly the hardware mounted gates are easy to install and these are sturdy to use. It is mostly fixed at the top of the stairs but it is highly recommended to follow all the instructions to mount that gate.

    On the other hand, the pressure mounted gates are easy to assemble and these are safe to use, but you need to check the pressure and strength of the gate on regular basis.

  • Lath Spacing

    The spacing between the laths or the slats should be less than 3 inches. That will ensure the security of your toddler and will prevent its head from trapping. It is recommended to avoid those wood gates that have horizontal laths. That will enable a feverish child to climb over the gate and that can be lethal. Similarly if you are buying a gate with holes then make sure that the space of these holes should be less. It will also prevent the child to get the assistance of climbing.

  • Edged Gates

    Edges of the gates can also harm the toddler, so it is also important to properly check the gates that have smooth surfaces. In this way it will prevent the child from damaging their hands. Evenflo Top-of-Stair Gate has a great finishing which is why people prefer it over other baby gates.

  • Locking System

    The gate which you are buying should have a proper locking system. It is ideal to buy a gate that has an automatic locking system in order to increase the security of the child. Baby gates like Dreambaby Nottingham Expandable Wooden Gate having a locking system are safer and reliable.


Safety gates or also known as baby gates are widely used to protect the children from accidents. These are usually ideal for the children between 8 months to 2 years. These gates can also be used to separate the children from the pets in order to prevent them from various pet related diseases.

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