The 4 Best Wood Chippers for Home Use


Need to produce small chunks of wood on your own? You clearly have to buy an efficient machine for that. With our list of the best wood chippers for home use, you can choose the right model for your preferences in no time.

Our Pick: Sun Joe CJ603E 15-Amp Wood Chipper

Also considered as an excellent shredder, Sun Joe CJ603E 15-Amp Wood Chipper can easily turn branches, twigs, brushes, and leaves into mulch. Thanks to its 15-amp motor, it is powerful enough to chip thick pieces of wood.

Another helpful feature for chipping large wood pieces is the special design of the cutter. Unlike rotary ones, the type used for this product can safely rip a big branch. It can hold the branch for a while so you can get additional pieces for chipping.

This machine isn’t just powerful; it’s also good for the environment. It doesn’t emit carbon, which can improve air quality.

However, power and eco-friendliness aren’t enough to make a wood chipper beneficial. Since it’s technically a dangerous machine, you should never forget about safety features.

Good thing that this product has a locking knob on its safety hopper. That can prevent sudden movement of the motor while the compartment is still open.

As a plus, this wood chipper is compact for easier storage. It even has big wheels so you can take it anywhere. When it comes to usage and maintenance, it doesn’t need complex assembly and constant care.

Lastly, if you want a less noisy machine, this particular model is quiet enough for everyone’s comfort.

Runner Up: GreatCircleUSA 7HP Wood Chipper

As you can see, GreatCircleUSA 7HP Wood Chipper has a different design compared to the first option. That’s because it is a 3-in-1 machine. Aside from the top hopper for chipping, it also has a side chute for smaller branches and a vacuum inlet at the back for shredding leaves.

While other products out there use electricity, this one has an engine powered by gas. It is so powerful that it can chip thicker pieces of wood. If you know how to maintain gas-powered machines, don’t hesitate to choose this option.

Regarding safety, the engine is certified to meet the standards of CARB and EPA3. It specifically has an excellent cooling system. We should also highlight its unique sensor that will immediately stop the engine when the amount of oil becomes insufficient.

Of course, let’s not forget about convenience. This wood chipper has an effective design for auto-feeding. That means you don’t have to work closely, hence having more time to do other tasks.

Additionally, this machine has a secure and ergonomic side bag that effortlessly catches wood chips. It also has wheels, just like the top product, which are made of polyurethane for durability.

Also Great: YARDMAX YW7565 Chipper Shredder

Look at the size of that chute! YARDMAX YW7565 Chipper Shredder prioritizes space to ensure easier time while chipping long pieces of wood.

This machine uses a powerful Briggs & Stratton engine for efficiency. It also has a solid casing made of steel to stay durable despite heavy use.

Since regular maintenance of the blades is important, the design will allow you to access the chipper blades fast. Other options in the market will make it hard for you to reach the blades.

Lastly, this wood chipper includes wheels that can handle all terrains. Meaning, it’s not just for home use; it’s also great for challenging outdoor locations.

Budget Pick: Power Smart PS10 Electric Chipper

With an overload protection feature for your safety, Power Smart PS10 Electric Chipper is an ideal choice if you want to spend less money.

This machine may not be powerful enough for large branches, but it’s made for home use since it’s compact and portable. Besides, it can serve its purpose well despite the limitations.

How to Select the Best Wood Chippers for Home Use

We managed to come up with a helpful list of products by considering some factors. During the selection process for the best wood chippers for home use, we thought about the following:

  • Type

    Based on the products list, the best types of wood chippers for homeowners are hybrid and can be powered by either electricity or gas. If you need something for professional use, choose power take-off (PTO) chippers instead. They’re powered by drive shafts of tractors for massive chipping.

    When we said “hybrid,” we meant wood chippers that can also shred or mulch wood and leaves. They’re less powerful than shredders, mulchers, and vacuums, but they get the job done. You don’t have to buy multiple machines anymore.

    Now, let’s find out if you should you buy a gas or electric wood chipper. Gas chippers are more powerful, hence their ability to chip bigger pieces of wood.

    However, you should know how to maintain gas-powered chippers to avoid premature engine wear. They’re also heavier, which affects portability. Lastly, they’re more expensive.

    For simple tasks, electric wood chippers are ideal. They obviously can’t produce enough power for larger branches, but they’re so affordable which is practical for urgent use.

    Just remember to always have an extension cord with you in case you have to transfer the machine. That’s a small price to pay for hassle-free mobility, storage, and maintenance.

  • Blades

    A wood chipper will never serve its purpose without blades. That’s why the blades have to stay sharp through regular maintenance.

    Since it’s your responsibility to keep the blades sharp, they should be accessible. Choose wood chippers that have a special area for the blades you can easily reach. Or, you may buy self-sharpening blades which are pricier but better.

  • Collection Bag

    A common reason for grinding wood is to reduce the mess created by pruning or cutting trees. So, if your machine doesn’t have a collection bag, you’d deal with another mess that’s even harder to clean.

    What makes a good collection bag? First, it should be durable. Wood chips can be sharp, so thicker bags are required.

    Surprisingly, we recommend smaller collection bags. A bigger bag filled with wood chips will be so heavy that you might not be able to carry it.


Since we’re prioritizing convenience for homeowners, we selected Sun Joe CJ603E 15-Amp Wood Chipper for the top spot. Being our number one choice among the best wood chippers for home use, it is versatile and low-maintenance without the extra weight.

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