Which is Better – Pregnancy Pillow or Traditional Body Pillow


In past, there were no such things like pregnancy pillow which pregnant females can use for their comfort. At that time home remedies like oil massage etc. were done to get rid of sciatica and various other pains which pregnant females have to face during pregnancy. Unlike the past, now day’s pregnancy pillows have become number one priority of expecting females as its use help females to overcome their daily routine pains.

Type of Pillows

On the basis of their use, we can classify pillow in two types’ traditional body pillows and pregnancy pillows.

  • Traditional Pillows

    Traditional body pillows are the pillows which are used in common routine. These are made of various materials. These are usually rectangular or square shaped and provide support to the neck and head region.

  • Pregnancy Body Pillows

    The second type of pillow is pregnancy body pillows. These pillows are specially designed for pregnant females to help them overcome sciatica, back pain, hip pain etc. Moreover, their use relaxes the abdominal muscle and support the belly region of expecting females.

  • General Point Of View

    Generally, people have a point of view that pregnancy pillow are not worth buying. According to them, a traditional pillow can also work the same way like pregnancy pillow. But in real, this concept is totally wrong. Although traditional pillow provides support to head and neck region, improves blood flow to vital organs etc. yet there are a number of other functions which a traditional pillow cannot perform.

    The size, shape, and material of traditional pillow are not suitable for use by pregnant females. Moreover, a traditional pillow cannot support the female body as pregnancy pillow can do. Pregnancy pillows have unique C, J or U shape which supports the whole body. Thus, when it comes to using of pillow during pregnancy then pregnancy pillow is the only option which females have.

Which Is Better- Pregnancy Pillow or Traditional Body Pillow

There is no doubt in it that for pregnant females pregnancy pillows are far better than traditional pillows. You can gauge the importance of pregnancy pillows by this that Doctors also recommend the use of pregnancy pillows to their patients.

The one and the only reason why doctor does so is the numerous health benefits which pregnancy pillow offers to pregnant females. Here, I am going to mention about the main health benefits. Merely reading about these health benefits will help you understand how much better a pregnancy pillow is as compare to the traditional pillow.

  • Relief Sciatica

    The primary health benefit of using pregnancy pillow is freedom from sciatica. Pregnancy pillows like Pillows for Sciatica provide support to lower body parts and legs. As a result of which the sciatic nerve, which lie in this region, is not irritated and hence pregnant female get freedom from sciatica.

  • Provides Cushioning to Lower Back

    The next health benefit of using pregnancy pillow is cushioning of the lower back. Due to weight gain, which is a normal thing during pregnancy, the abdominal region particularly the lower back muscles of female get fatigued. In this condition, use of pregnancy pillows like Pillows for Back Pain relax these muscles and provides cushioning to lower back which overcomes lower back pain.

  • Relax Abdominal Muscles

    Unlike, traditional pillows use of pregnancy pillow like that of Pregnancy pillow for Stomach Sleepers alleviates abdominal pain as its use relaxes the abdominal muscles. In addition, they held the abdominal region at its right place.

  • Provides Support to Arm and Hip Region

    Traditional pillows are only used for supporting head etc. while pregnancy pillows can be used for supporting more than one area of the body. Along with supporting the neck, head and abdominal region pregnancy pillow also support arm and hip region so that when you sleep your whole body gets relaxed.

  • Maintains Body Posture

    Another health benefit of using pregnancy pillow is that it maintains the body posture. It supports your body, aligns your hip joints and thus supports the abdominal region.

  • Equally Effective for Stomach and Back Sleepers

    Every person sleeping pattern is different from other. Some people sleep on their sides while others are back sleepers or stomach sleepers. When it comes to using of pregnancy pillow then you will be amazed to know that pregnancy pillows are equally effective for all types of sleepers. Pregnancy pillow types for Stomach Sleepers, Back Sleepers, and Side Sleepers has helped a number of females to enjoy the best sleep even during their late months of pregnancy.

  • Support the Belly

    Supporting of the belly is the most important health benefit of using pregnancy pillow. When you use pregnancy pillow your belly region is slightly lifted as a result of which blood circulation around your belly is improved. Moreover, the belly muscles get relaxed which help you get deep sleep.

    Above mentioned are the health benefits of using pregnancy pillow which clearly indicates that a pregnancy pillow is better as compare to traditional pillows for pregnant females.


Pregnancy pillows are 100 times better than traditional body pillows. People who think buying pregnancy pillow is wastage of money should consider their decision as a traditional pillow cannot provide pregnant females that level of comfort which they deserve but pregnancy pillow surely give. Thus, pregnancy pillow is one of the basic things which every expecting female should have for her comfort.

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