Bissell 1132A Symphony Vacuum and Steam Mop Review



No one has a lot of time to clean their house and even if you have but still you will not want to spend it in cleaning. On the other hand, a clean home is something everyone wants.

So you need a solution that cleans the house in a short time and if your family can help you in cleaning with the help of that commodity then that would be a bonus. So the steam mops came in and now multi-function mops which give a complete solution are getting popularity. One of these steam mops is a Bissell 1132A Symphony. Consumers were provided this product to give it a try. Their experience with this mop has been shared in this review.

Important Features and Specs

It is highly suggested checking the features of a product before buying. Bissell 1132A Symphony has following specifications.

  • All in One

    Bissell claims that 1132A is the only product of its kind that can vacuum and clean at the same time. Apart from a sanitized and clean hard floor without exhausting yourself from chemical, bucket and mop, you can also do a vacuum.

    The digital controls having easy touch technology provide the luxury to steam, vacuum or perform both simultaneously as per the requirement of your floor. After that, mop pad which is very quick in releasing and a handle which can be adjusted makes it more hassle free to achieve a clean and shiny floor which gives a smile on your and your family’s face.

  • Natural Cleaning

    As with all steam mops 1132A does not require any cleaning agents to clean and sanitize your floor. You only need water which it steams on its own and cleans the floor.

  • Easy to Control And Use

    You can switch to different modes on the course of cleaning, as per the requirement of different floors of your house, with the help of digital controls equipped with easy touch technology.

    It cuts your cleaning time by doing vacuuming and cleaning at the same point of time. The water steam generated is more than enough to kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs. It has 2 each type of mop pads which makes 4 in total. The controls which are digital are very user friendly through their easy touch feature.

    The vacuuming is cyclonic in function for efficient residue pickup. Unfortunately, it also has certain drawbacks. According to some customers, the foot base is difficult to click.

    Some reported that it was unable to clean in tiles’ grout lines. The vacuum only works the forward way. When you vacuum in back direction, it will not pick debris or dirt which means that you can use it only in one direction.

  • Mop Pads with Microbe Protection

    Like other Bissell steam mops, it also has two types of mop pads made from microfiber and having microbe to protect from microbes. The two mop pads have different purposes. One is for regular cleaning and the other is for scrubbing out sturdy stains.


  • The handle can be adjusted
  • Tank remains dry at the time of steaming
  • It has special edge bristles to vacuum debris from corners


  • Consumers reported the steam weakens as the time passes
  • The website does not have trouble shooting for all types of problems
  • The customer service also cannot help you in product problems issue

Who Should Buy

According to majority who bought it, it is a very good cleaner for wood and tile floors. Its cleaning is so good that you can walk bare foot on these floors after cleaning.

All this is achieved very easily and also in very less time as vacuuming and cleaning is done simultaneously. The water adding in tank is also like a breeze. The water to steam time is also very short. The micro fiber mop pads can be washed in machine as well so manual effort is negligible.

You will love this mop if you have pets in home. The hairballs are always present on the floor even after you use vacuum cleaner, isn’t it? Through Bissell 1132A, you will see that their will be no hair balls after you vacuum and clean the floor.


Once you use Bissell Symphony Steam Mop, no other steam mop would be liked by your eye. You will be so used to seeing the sight of a clean floor and walking bare foot on it that no other steam mop would be your choice.

Also using other steam mop would be like you are wasting time or they are too slow as Bissell 1132A is the only steam mop of its kind to vacuum and clean at the same time. After doing a routine work in a breeze, you can employ your time where no matter how much time you spend, it always feels less i.e. your family.