BISSELL Steam Mop Select, Titanium, 94E9T Review



BISSELL has a reputation of providing basic products in the market of steam mops. One of its popular steam mops these days has been Steam Mop Select, Titanium, 94E9T in which Titanium is the color of the mop. It is a very budget friendly steam mop.

The difference and extra value which it brings in this price is something which has made it so popular. You will learn the features of this steam mop in this review and for whom it is targeted. It is a very basic product and works specifically on hard floors. It is not for carpets or any other vertical surfaces.

Important Features and Specs

Its most attractive feature is that you get better cleaning without getting yourself tired through mop and bucket. The triangular allows you to reach even difficult to reach corners.

It is also light weight so you will not have problem in operating it. It only requires water to clean so you do not need those harmful chemicals. The two pads included with the steam mop are enough to do routine cleaning as well as take out sturdy stains.

  • Cleans Hard Floor

    You can clean all types of hard floors from 94E9T without using any sort of cleaning agents or the conventional buckets and mops.

  • High Performance

    The steam mops boils the water to a very high temperature in just 30 seconds so it becomes steam. It sanitizes the floors and cleans the dirt in crevices and cracks and that too without any cleaning chemicals. So it gives cost effective cleaning. The steam also kills the bacteria and germs. Also, it requires less water than traditional mops.

  • Cleaning Solution Options

    It only requires water to clean. The chemicals should not be put into the tank. Company recommends using Eucalyptus, a Bissell’s product. It is demineralized water having citrus or breeze of spring type scent. It comes with mop pads which are triangular in shape and made from microfiber. Cleaning can be done through ordinary tap water.

    The tank is easily removable and its size is 17 ounces. It has a special steam trigger option. Through this feature you can the amount of steam you want to insert in floor. The product is packaged in frustrated free certification. The handle is strong enough to hold. It is very lightweight so easy to maneuver.

  • Easy Operation

    The tank can easily be filled through the sink. You do not need to pour water through funnels or cups. It has two mop pads made from microfiber. One is for routine cleaning carried out 7 days a week. The other is for greases and tough stains. The cord is very short. You need to unplug and plug each and every time you go to a different room for cleaning.

    This really makes you feel annoyed if you have a large house with lots of room to clean. There is no filter installed for hard water so for steaming you have to use either demineralized water or distilled water. You cannot clean surfaces vertical in nature like showers. It does not have an extension of carpet glider to clean carpets.

  • Warranty

    The product comes with a limited warranty of 1 year.


  • It operates without any noise
  • The mop pads have microban to protect from microbes.
  • Water tank is see through to know when refilling is required.


  • Some users experience that after using the mop for six months, it stopped producing steam
  • It does not come with a cooling tray so you can put the mop on it after using it.

Should Buy

If one of your floors in vinyl having textures then this is the best mop for you. No other mop can remove crevices better than this mop. Also you do not have to scrub over and over again over the surface for cleaning.


To sum up, BISSELL Steam Mop Select, Titanium, 94E9T does an excellent job in this price. There are only three tradeoffs you need to bear. The power cord being short, no filter present for hard water, and a bit odd shape for a mop head.

If your house is small with fewer rooms and you do not have any problem to take the plug out and then plug it in other room’s socket then this is a very affordable cleaning option for a steam mop which does not require any chemical cleaning agents.

Also, if cleaning the vents after some time, so that the mop is maintained and keeps producing steam, does not make you irritated then in my opinion you should give it a chance. You would sure be delighted with its performance at such a rock bottom price. You can buy it at a very good price.