The Right Blender Wattage for Smoothies


Craving for a tall glass of smoothie? Make sure your blender is powerful enough. Find out the blender wattage for smoothies!

Basically, it depends on your usage. If you’re going to make smoothies frequently, the blender should have at least 600 watts.

What if you already have a blender, and it’s below 600 watts?

As long as the machine is designed to blend ice, it can perfectly blend fruits and vegetables, too. However, don’t expect your blender to last longer. A low wattage will force your blender to work harder than it should, according to The Spruce Eats.

In Conclusion

The blender wattage for smoothies depends on how frequent you’ll use the appliance just to make the beverage. Any blender will do if you’re only going to make smoothies once or twice a week. However, if you want to make it every day, go for a model that has 600 watts at least.

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