How Long Does It Take to Blow Dry Hair


Whether you are just lazy or you simply don’t have enough time in the morning to dry out your hair before leaving for work, you shouldn’t go out with your hair wet. It can lead to several hair problems like breakage and dandruff.

Now, if you’re thinking of using your hair dryer to speed up the process, you’re probably wondering of one thing: how long does it take to blow dry hair?

The answer will depend on some factors. Here’s the list:

Length of Your Hair

If you have a short hair, blow drying your hair can take anywhere between 10 to 15 minutes. If you have longer hair, you need to commit more time.

State of Your Hair

As a general rule, you shouldn’t blow dry your hair while it’s still wet. Do it when your hair is damp. That way, you won’t have to spend a long time to complete the process.

Your Availability

When you’re in a rush, you can blow dry your hair quickly and get a so-so job. If you want to be thorough, however, you need to spend a longer time to do a good job.


How long to blow dry hair?

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to determining the length of time you need to dry your hair out. You can do it quickly and get an average (or probably less) result or you can take your time to ensure a fabulous hairstyle after.