Can Blow Drying Cause Itchy Scalp


If you’re hesitant to use a hairdryer, we totally understand it. This hair tool releases hot air, a possible factor that can make your scalp itchy. Before we jump to conclusions, let’s get to the bottom of this – can blow drying cause itchy scalp?

Blow drying heats up moisture in your hair and scalp

Using a hairdryer without consequences is too good to be true. According to the popular brand Head & Shoulders, you’re creating steam right on your head when you use heat for drying. This completely makes sense when you realize that there’s water inside your hair fiber after you shower.

What’s so bad about a little steam on your scalp?

If you’re using hot air every single day, the steam would slowly create blisters that could last forever. Another effect is an extremely dry scalp.

However, what do these consequences have to do with an itchy scalp?

Blisters and extreme dryness lead to itchiness

See the connection now? However, this shouldn’t stop you from using a blow dryer.

Check out the following tips to prevent the negative effects of blow drying:

In Conclusion

Can blow drying cause itchy scalp?

With high heat, yes. However, when you use a lower temperature, blow drying is less likely to cause an itchy scalp. You may also lower the odds with proper hair care.

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