Blowout vs Flat Iron: Which Is The Right Method For You?


Confused about which straightening method is right for your hair? To help you make up your mind, we’re going to compare blowout vs flat iron.

Blowout is ideal if you prefer volume

The best thing about blowout is that it’ll make your hair look thicker after. It gives more volume to your roots¬†and leaves your hair with a healthier look.

Unfortunately, you need more time for a blowout. This method is more time-consuming than ironing hair.

Learning how to blowdry your hair straight is also tricky. You need to know the right angle for your dryer and technique with your brush.

Here’s a tutorial video from Luxy Hair to prove how complicated a blowout is:

Flat irons give faster results

Because of the direct heat from flat irons, even stubborn curls will succumb to the process and become straighter. What more if you only have wavy strands? Obviously, the straightening process will be faster.

Also, you only have to clamp and pull your hair a few times with a flat iron. With constant practice, ironing your strands will only take less than five minutes (depending on your hair type and length).

However, when compared to hairdryers, flat irons are more likely to make your hair look thinner. They also have the tendency to give an artificial look. Overly straight hair can be offputting.

Flat irons can also be more damaging than blow dryers. But, with proper timing and maintenance, you’ll be able to prevent consequences like hair loss. In particular, we recommend applying hair serum before the process and using the right temperature. You should also avoid straightening damp hair.

In Conclusion

With the pros and cons of¬†blowout vs flat iron, it’s now easier for you to know which one is right for your hair and lifestyle. Again, blowdrying your hair straight adds volume while ironing it speeds up the process.