Body Max IT6000 Inversion Therapy Table Review



Health is the greatest blessing for us. As people say health is wealth but in today’s busy life usually people ignore their health for their work. In this computerized era it’s easy to do many of your work on desktops or laptops. Usually people spend more sitting hours in their daily routine and get complain of the backache problem. Before the doctor suggests you complete bed rest it’s good to do something good for your health. Doctors may suggest for the medicines, therapies or massages etc. you are going to get therapy treatment. You must go through the features of body max IT6000 inversion therapy table. This inversion table is a good healthy decision among all the other ordinary therapy inversion tables.

Body Max IT6000 inversion therapy table is a well-known table due to its attractive features and specifications. It can be used manually which is usually handled by everyone. You can move the therapy table at the angle of 30 degree in case of less pain. But usually people get to the treatments when their problem increases. In case of more pain it can move your body upside down to give relief of the stress. It is helpful in reducing pressure as well which is actually the cause of backache.

Important Features and Specs

Before going to buy something related to your health you must come to know about its features and specifications. Body max IT6000 inversion therapy table proves itself whenever get used by anyone. There is a brief description of the therapy table.

Body max inversion therapy table elongates the spine and reduce the pressure from backache by inverting the body. It helps in relaxing back muscles and release the stress. By the daily use of this inversion therapy table you can get rid of the pain permanently.

This table has an adjustable dual-pin system. It is an attractive feature used to adjust the table according to the height of the consumer. This is also good as a security purpose that you can fix your body in the therapy table during inversion and avoid the risks. Height for this inversion table ranges from 4 feet 8 inches to 6 feet 3 inches.

At its bottom it have a spring loaded pull pin which is adjustable for the ankle setting. It has 4 safe and comfortable foam rollers. It can carry weight up to 250 pounds. People with the average weight can easily use this therapy table and enjoy the treatment at home as well.

Body max inversion therapy table have many security precautions. It has a safety strap to control you while inverting the body at different angles. While your body starts inverting, your pressure starts releasing. It will decrease your pain to maximum extent. It has U-shaped handrails which help you to get your body back form the inversion position to the initial position.

Safety locks are an additional feature which keeps the table secure when not in use. It can be easily folded and stored somewhere in your home like store rooms. It is also easy to take it from one place to another due to its less weight and taking less space. Inversion table have the stoppers at its bottom to secure the table to be slipped while the table is inverting your body.


  • Durable product with high quality
  • Affordable price
  • Comfortably designed
  • Attractive features for the basic inversion therapy table
  • Easy to move when folded.


  • Table has some of the cheap tools to assemble
  • According to some consumers it’s not as comfortable as they expect.

Who Should Buy

In this expensive time people want something cheap and affordable with good quality. Obviously you can’t get the best by spending less. But Body max IT6000 inversion therapy table is one of the all in one solution of your problems. It will deliver you high quality in an affordable price.

Body max inversion table release your pain within few minutes. You can use it daily or after some days whenever feel pain as per your wish. It is recorded from the customers review that you can get rid of your pain by its regular use. You can also use it on daily basis to release your stress or tiredness of the whole day.


Body Max IT6000 Inversion Therapy Table is basically used to get rid of backache. Due to shortage of time people wants something easy or in range. You can use the therapy table at home whenever get time. It has attractive features and specifications. Customers are highly satisfied with this model of inversion table. It is easily affordable by everyone. With all these quality features if you are suggested or recommended for the therapy table just go for the Body Max IT6000 inversion therapy table.