What Can Bolt Cutters Cut Through


The main purpose of bolt cutters is glaringly obvious, but we don’t want you to miss out on their other applications or uses. What can bolt cutters cut through?

A typical bolt cutter is strong enough to cut any of these things:

You may also resort to fiberglass bolt cutters. This type has fiberglass handles to cut live electrical wires. As a plus, they’re more lightweight to make rescue operations easier.

How strong are bolt cutters, anyway? They can generally provide a force of 20 kilonewtons or 4,500 pound-force for cutting. That becomes more amazing when you realize that the most handles can only yield a force of 250 newtons or 56 pound-force.

Another factor that makes bolt cutters versatile despite their head’s size is the design of their blades. Here are different options to choose from:

  • Angle cut = head angled somewhere between 25 and 35 degrees for smoother insertion
  • Clipper cut = blades flushed against a single face for cutting flat surfaces
  • Shear cut = blades inverted toward each other like regular scissors
  • Center cut = blades at equal distances from two faces

In Conclusion

What can bolt cutters cut through?

Aside from different types of bolts, bolt cutters can basically cut through padlocks, wire mesh, and chains. With fiberglass handles, they can even cut live electrical wires.