Do Bottle Nipples Expire


Top brands tend to claim they use the highest quality of materials possible for their baby bottles. However, we can’t just assume that soft nipples will remain usable for years. Do bottle nipples expire?

That’s a big YES. In fact, according to BabyCenter, it’s best to check bottle nipples every two months (at least). Some are already worn-out in more or less 10 weeks.

Since we’ve established that you should watch out for signs of wear, it goes to show that it’s not necessary to just throw nipples after two months. High-quality nipples can reach several months without any imperfection.

Wait until you spot one of the signs below before replacing the nipple:

  • Stronger milk flow (bigger hole)
  • Strange color
  • Can’t go back to real shape after pulling (thinner material)
  • Sticky
  • Swollen appearance
  • Cracks

Allow us to give you a brief explanation of why a generous milk flow is considered a bad thing. First off, milk coming from the nipple should have a steady drip. If the flow is too strong, it might choke your baby.

In Conclusion

Do bottle nipples expire?

Bottle nipples expire eventually, but there’s no exact expiration date. So, you need to monitor the quality every two months. Once you find cracks and other signs, replace the nipple immediately.

To prolong the lifespan of bottle nipples, you should know how to maintain them. Find out if they’re dishwasher-safe. As a plus, we have tips on how to sterilize all baby bottle parts in a microwave.

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