Should You Wear a Bra to Bed When Breastfeeding


A lot of postpartum moms wear nursing bras at night despite their responsibility to always be prepared for breastfeeding. So, it’s completely normal to assume that you have to do it, too. To know the truth once and for all, let’s find out – should you wear a bra to bed when breastfeeding?

Wearing a bra during bedtime isn’t necessary at all. It is totally your decision to make. If you feel more comfortable without any breast support while sleeping, experts see no problem with that.

However, we should tell you that sleep bras have a certain purpose you might like. Aside from gentle support, the bra will secure your breast pads. That means no more leaks.

If ever you’d choose to wear a bra while sleeping, just remember to buy something that’s not too tight. That way, you can easily feed your baby and avoid discomfort on your breast tissues. Lastly, to boost comfort, pick a cotton bra.

In Conclusion

Should you wear a bra to bed when breastfeeding?

You don’t need to. But, you’ll enjoy the benefit of a leak-free bedtime because of the added support. To be more specific, the bra will hold your breast pads as they absorb leaks all night.