Braun Ear thermometer IRT6500 Review



Over the course of years it has been proved that tympanic thermometers, or ear thermometers, are the best and the safest for children and toddlers as well as adults. They not only reduce the incidence of accidental mercury ingestion causing mercury poisoning but also help in getting the most accurate readings than all other kinds of thermoses be it forehead, oral, arm pit or rectal. Braun thermometers are known to produce world’s best ear thermometers putting them in the leading position. This thermometer has received 4.8 out of 5 stars from users and this shows the popularity and the quality of the product to you.

Features and specifications

The thermometer has to be placed near your ear drum as it is very near to the temperature regulation system of the brain. This makes it very easy to record the most accurate and fast reading. But because the eardrum is very sensitive to breakage it is dangerous to poke it every time with a thermometer and this is when the infrared radiation comes into work.

The thermometer is kept centimeters away from eardrum and then the infrared beam catches the heat energy and shows the temperature on the screen. Although some users have claimed that the readings have reportedly changed from the right ear to the left ear by a degree hence making it difficult for them to trust the accuracy of the product. But this complaint has been voiced by very limited section of people making the product still stand out in the market due to its promise of precision.

  • Display screen in front rather than on back

    Like many thermometers where display screen was in the back, Braun created this thermometer with the display screen in the front. This makes the temperature viewing easy. Also it helps you to know whether you have inserted the thermometer in the right place as the screen will blink and will give you the visual guide you need.

  • Audio and visual guide

    This is one of the best features of the thermometer. Braun understands that every ear canal is different and so mistakes of inserting the thermometer in the right place can be made not only by concerned mothers but also nurses and doctors. In order to guide them the thermometer is equipped with a built-in audio beep and blink that signals when the thermometer is correctly place inside the ear canal and not too far or too near the eardrum.

    This not only ensures that you have a less confusing approach while using the thermometer but also that you get the most accurate reading. It also guarantees that the ear drum is protected.

  • Presented with 21 lens filters and 2 AA batteries

    Packaging of this product is another great feature of this thermometer. The box has a manual, a protective plastic case that you use to store the thermometer, 2 AA batteries that you can insert in the thermometer and 20 lens filters with one already on it. these lens filters protect the ear probe and have to be disposed off after every time use in order to maintain The product’s and your family’s hygiene.

    This feature, although in one aspect of cleanliness is amazing but for those who already have had paid a hefty sum of money to buy this product will find it difficult and costly to buy additional lens filters.

  • Good memory

    The Braun’s IRT6500 thermometer is popular for storing the previous recordings that you took. It can keep up to 8 previous recordings. This allows you to go back and keep a check on your child’s progress accurately rather than trying to remember yourself.


  • The display screen is present in the front rather than in the back
  • Thermometer gives audio and visual signal to indicate it is in right place
  • Packed with a protective plastic case, 2 AA batteries and 21 lens filters
  • Gives accurate reading within seconds
  • Saves previous temperature recordings
  • Easy to read manual


  • Expensive
  • Some users complain that reading changes
  • New filters have to be purchased after every usage

Who Should Buy

This product is made to achieve all that is needed in a perfect and safe thermometer for kids as well as adults. The screen shows the readings within seconds and with the audio beep and visual blink it is made easier to understand when the thermometer is correctly placed. It stores up the previous readings for you to go back and check. All of these features make it a perfect thermometer for this cold and flu season.


If you are looking for a thermometer that is safe from mercury ingestion, gives fast and accurate readings and is easy to use then Braun’s ear thermometer IRT6500 is the best choice in the market today. Although a little more expensive than other thermometers in the market it is a good one time investment especially if you have kids in your house.