Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer IRT3020US Review



Braun has been a renowned company that has proved its vision and mission worldwide by satisfying customers all over the world by their high quality products. They have products ranging from all different gadgets that you need in your kitchen as well as your house.

They are responsible for one of the best innovations in such products becoming such gadgets. The new IRT3020US ear thermometer is no such exception. With its fast results and accuracy this product has been popular with customers all over the globe.

Features and Specifications

Braun thermometer is fast and reliable. Company claims that the thermometer provides readings in 1 second and the product does lives up to the expectations. In the range of ear thermometers in the market that give result in 3 to 5 seconds this thermometer gives the result in just 1 second.

There is a soft beep that confirms that the thermometer has been placed can the right place and then another beep that confirms that the reading has been recording. The fast working feature makes it easier to get the temperature of a toddler as it’s very hard to keep them still. You can also take their temperature reading when they are sleeping without waking them up.

  • Temperature Recall Feature

    This feature is now a standard feature in all of the ear and digital thermometers. Unlike the older mercury thermometers where readings were taken but couldn’t be recorded.

    Hence you yourself had to remember them or write them down, the newer crop of digital thermometers mostly have a temperature recall function that allows you to go back and see what is the progress of your child if any and when to go visit a doctor.

  • Ergonomically Designed

    This thermometer is designed for users ranging from infants to adults. Specifically designed to reduce the amount of discomfort one experiences when taking a temperature, this thermometer is easy to hold, easy to take self temperature and has a soft tip that ensures that the probe doesn’t hurts you in any way while inside the ear.

    The gadget is made up of high quality plastic. It has a soft flexible tip with a lens detector and soft touch buttons that can be pressed easily.

  • Price

    Many customers complained that they are unable to pay a hefty sum of money for a thermometer despite Braun’s name and promise of accuracy. Due to this the company produced a product that did not only meet all the quality control requirements but also too many different customers out there as it is targeted at a much lower price.

    Despite lowering the price the company has not compromised on the quality and the product is still as accurate and handy as the other expensive ones too.

  • Battery Life

    The battery life of this product is very large. It is packaged with 2 AA batteries this product promises to take up to 10000 temperature readings. This is a large battery life as compared to other thermometers out there. This ensures not only battery longevity but also reduces the amount of investment that you will have to make on the gadget afterwards.


  • Large battery life up to 10000 recordings
  • Ergonomically designed and easy to use
  • Gives readings in 1 second
  • Accuracy
  • Has a soft beep that ensures that the thermometer is correctly place and that the temperature is recorded
  • Reasonable price
  • Temperature recall
  • It is packaged with 2 AA batteries, 21 lens filters, plastic case, and a reader friendly manual.


  • Lens filters can be a nuance
  • The screen is placed on the sides but without any back light so you will not be able to take readings in dark.
  • Some users complained of inaccuracy.

Who should buy

For all those people who want to buy a thermometer but without compromising on the name, reliability and durability of the product as well as the company then Braun always wins the game. It is fast, accurate, has a good memory and is ergonomically designed suitable for both children and adults and above all targeted at a low price. This makes the product stand out in the market.


Braun’s IRT3020US is specifically made to cater the product to those people who cannot afford to buy expensive products for their houses. It’s a clever one time investment as the product lasts long, has great features and is cheaper than the other products in the market.

This makes the product to stand out on its own merit.Although, targeted at people who cannot buy expensive thermometers the added expense of lens filters can become bothersome to some of them.

Also as the digital screen has no backlight, then the temperature has to be recorded in well lit area. This is a drawback considering that many other products in the market so have back light in their screen. But apart from them, all other features are great and make it a good buy.