Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer IRT4520USSM Review



Braun has been an award winning company that has time and again produced one of the best products to use be it for household usage or commercial use. This time it is working with world’s leading doctors team they have come up with a modern thermometer with all the features that not only make them safe to use but also giving the most exact reading.

This particular product has been awarded with high 4.5 stars out of 5 with 1337 users giving it a 5 star rating. This hence proves the popularity and outreach of the product.

Features and Specifications

The thermometer is equipped with thermoscan. This is a modern technology that is built-in all the new age thermometers to give not only accurate reading but the readings are fast to obtain as well. They also do not cause any discomfort so you can now document the temperature of your toddler while he /she is sleeping.

The tip is pre warmed and this feature helps in combating the fact the rather cooler environment of the ear canal will lower the temperature recording. This enables the thermometer to give the correct reading. The infrared beam helps to read, scan and record the temperature without the need to touch the thin layer of ear drum.

  • Audio and Visual guide

    While inserting a thermometer inside the ear can be tough as it can easily increase the likelihood of damaging the ear canal. Also if wrongly placed inside the thermometer tends to give the wrong reading.

    To know that you have inserted the thermometer in the correct place Braun’s IRT4520 thermometer has a flashing light and beep and signals you that you have inserted the thermometer at the correct place and ensures that due to the correct placement you will get accurate reading.

    However the screen is not present in front of the thermometer. This makes the viewing difficult and so you will have to wait for the beep and then take the thermometer out, turn it over to see what the temperature recording is.

  • Easy to Switch On and Off with Memory

    The thermometer has a soft button through which you can easily turn the thermometer on or off conserving the battery. This will increase the longevity of the product and lesson the need to go the supermarket every time to buy batteries.

    The thermometers also records and stores the temperature for subsequent viewing so you can go back and see what the exact temperature was whether you are the parent or a nurse and you can check the progress rate.

  • Packaging

    The thermometer is packaged with a plastic box for protective storage, manual, 21 lens filters and 2 AA batteries. The lens filters are given so that to reduce the contamination on the probe as well as reduce the amount of germ transfers from one family member to another.

    The lens filter fixes itself on top of the probe and can be easily ejected by pressing a button for removal. It also contains an easy to ready manual that explains the purpose of the tympanic thermometer and also answers a lot of your questions.

  • Not Just an Ear Thermometer

    While most ear thermometers are limited to ear, this innovative thermometer can be used in your ear as well as in the oral cavity, rectum or underarm area.

    This makes it a versatile thermometer and in this way you can easily ensure the accuracy of the product. Although by using the thermometer in various cavities increases the likelihood of contamination it is hence very important to clean the thermometer after every use and use a separate lens filter every time.


  • Infrared beam
  • Packaged with 21 lens filters, 2 AA batteries and plastic case
  • Audio and visual guide to signal that the thermometer is correctly placed
  • Pre warmed tip gives accurate reading
  • Can be used in oral, rectal and underarm areas as well.
  • Stores up to 8 previous temperature readings
  • Easy to use
  • Switch on and off button to conserve energy


  • Usage at oral, rectal and auxiliary areas increases the likelihood of contamination
  • Buying lens filters can become costly
  • Expensive
  • Screen is placed behind rather than the front

Who Should Buy It

For all those who want to buy a thermometer that gives accurate reading without causing much disturbance to their kids then this thermometer is their best bet. However it is more expensive than the other thermometers in the market. The thermometer works fast and can be used not only in homes but also in clinics and hospitals as well.


Braun’s IRT 4520 is a thermometer that has lived up to all of its promises. It is fast, it is accurate and it is diversified and cannot only be used as an ear thermometer. With its thermoscan technology and pre warmed tip it gives the most exact reading that is also fast to obtain without causing any discomfort.