Bread Maker vs Oven: Which One Is For You?


Since bread machines are proven effective for their purpose, does that mean you should stop using ovens for baking bread? Let’s find out by comparing bread maker vs oven.

Bread makers produce denser bread

If you prefer a heavier loaf of bread, definitely go for the machine. Bread makers have a compact space, so there’s a limit to the rising process.

On the other hand, if you want fluffier bread, use the oven. The result looks better, too. Machine-baked bread usually has a boxy appearance.

Bread makersĀ are more convenient

Whether you like the texture of machine-baked bread or not, we shouldn’t disregard convenience. Bread makers will do everything for you, from kneading to baking. Just make sure you know which buttons to press.

Aside from the hassle-free preparation, the baking process is faster, too. From one to four hours (including the kneading and rising stages), you can already have freshly baked bread without staying in the kitchen.

After making bread, clean-up will also be a breeze. No more scattered flour all over the kitchen counter; that’s for sure.

Meanwhile, if you’re going to use an oven, you have to facilitate the entire process. After kneading the dough, you still have to let it rise before baking it. That will force you to go to the kitchen from time to time – even if you’re busy.

In Conclusion

Knowing the pros and cons of bread maker vs oven makes things simpler in the kitchen. If you want store-quality bread, make an effort and use an oven. If you’re too busy, resort to the machine. That’s it!