How Long Do Breast Pumps Last


You can’t expect a breast pump to last forever. Like any other product out there, it will eventually wear out. But, how long do breast pumps last?

Manual breast pumps don’t have a definite lifespan.

Since a manual breast pump only uses a breast shield and a simple mechanism, nobody knows the average lifespan of this product.

Even though a breast shield could wear out, it all depends on the quality. It will also depend on the frequency of use.

Electric breast pumps are expected to last for a year.

Let’s not forget about the other type of breast pump – the electronic one. According to the popular brand Medela, even a high-quality electric pump will lose its efficiency after a year. However, that’s all because of its motor.

In fact, the one year warranty for electric breast pumps is based on the lifespan of a well-functioning motor. The motor will not exactly stop working. Rather, it will produce less power, hence the slower speed and weaker vacuum of the electric pump.

The good news is that the pump itself can last for years, just like the manual type. All you have to do is solve the motor problem.

In Conclusion

How long do breast pumps last?

We don’t have a single answer for this since there are two types of breast pumps. Manual breast pumps can last for years. On the other hand, the electric type has the tendency to lose its quality after one year because of its motor.